Browsing enhancements of database

When you browse tidal, you can list all of the albums or artists although it is not in your librarry.
I didnt subscribe to tidal.

When browsing my library Is it possible for roon to give access to its database server and list the artists or albums although they are is not in my library. For instance suppose that Michael Jackson is not in my library albums. Therefore when i search for Michael jackson the search will return no result. What if Roon returned search results for michael jackson as an artist and it was possible for me to read the artist biography and his albums ( that are in roons database) and reviews. Of course there would be no ADD TO LIBRARY option but maybe a warning as NOT IN YOUR LIBRARY.
I think this would make the roon more like a surfable magazine which i think is one of its highlighted feature. Even maybe there could be an option like ADD TO WISHLIST which could help me not forget the albums i have read about and decided to buy later.


So basically show you artists/albums linked by metadata, regardless of a subscription to a service that allows you to play the music. Doesn’t actually seem like that bad an idea providing there was a nice way to segment all the data.

It would be useful even for Tidal subscribers - i.e. to know there were other albums not available in your collection or via Tidal, so you could go off and try and find them.

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Yes, sounds like an excellent idea. You have my vote!

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I have requested something similar:

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