Browsing my library - ipad client

my roon account is linked with tidal and I have imported multiple albums into my lib from tidal. Sometimes I want to browse Artists/Albums only sourced from my local lib (flacs) and i don’t wanna see tidal albums there … how can I filter out tidal albums from the preview of my library?


From Album View:
Focus>Inspector (scroll to the right)>Storage Locations
You can either select your local storage source, or ‘deselect’ Tidal. To do that check Tidal, then when Tidal shows up as a Focus Filter, single click it again to make it a negative selection.
Then Bookmark that Filter for future use.
Note, Focus is context sensitive. Some Focus things you do in one view (album) might not work in another (like artist). In this case you can select by storage location, but it really doesn’t make as much sense.


thanks, may I have one more question, how to bookmark focus filter? thanks

In the upper right corner of the Album View screen you’ll see three icons. From left to right they are the bookmark icon, filter icon and search icon. just click the bookmark icon, and add a new bookmark like “Local Albums” and save it. This is a dynamic filter. Even as you add more local music, it will always include all music at that storage location.
You’ll use bookmarks a lot.


thanks a lot!