Browsing on iPad: Want to "go back" to where I was

Say I search for “Paul Bley” on the iPad. I go down to “Main Albums”, hit “View All Main Albums” - which is a few pages long as there are 60 albums on TIDAL. Now I swipe to the second page, touch an album, say “At Copenhagen Jazz House (Live)” to see the detail. When I then hit “<” at the top left to go back to the list, it goes back to the first scroll page, not the one I was just on.

I do this all the time to discover new music, and going back to the first page is massively annoying (first world problems, I know… :slight_smile: ).


There are more “back” issues on the iPad than this. And the iPhone is the worst. It can’t remember the scroll position in a list and when you have thousands of albums it becomes a pain.

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@Miguelito. I totally agree with you. This is a real pain in the backside and needs addressing.

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Running Roon Server on a Windows 10 PC headless controlled by iPad Air 2.
When in album view, when I’m away from controlling Roon with iPad when reconnects it goes back to the very start of albums.
Is there a way so when it reconnects that it goes back to were I left off? Have brought this up going back to Oct 2016.

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+1 for this request.

I’m using an ASUS tablet so it’s not limited to iPads