Browsing the album and artist reviews?

This is a wish of mine: that I can look at the catalog of an artist to search for albums I might like to purchase. Often I hear something I like and would like to explore the performer’s work further. The UI shows other library records having work by that artist but not work still in print or out of print that is not in the library.

It is Roon Radio and the critical commentary that sets Roon apart from say Plex. Both will play back a recording competently but once the recording ends, Roon will play stylistically similar music and is pretty good at picking what it plays. Being able to look through un-owned recordings in this way seems like a good way to broaden one’s interests and collection.

I think you mean the Radio function but then with included Tidal content. As far as I know it’s being explored by Roon. Would be very nice indeed but it is not so simple to get it right. But I think it is coming, but don’t be suprised if it takes another year.

Radio is fine as is. I keep hedging on subscribing to Tidal. Being a retiree, I try to keep hands out of my pockets.

The idea is to be able to browse the critical commentary for albums and artists not in my library. Right now, Roon provides access to the commentary about only the albums and and artists in the library.

Hi David, there was a suggestion made back in ‘15, to show an artists’ entire discography; with the ones not in the library being “greyed”, so that thy could be reviewed. I also think the suggestion went further and suggested a partnership with a music seller to purchase and download the non-library content.

Hi David,
It means leaving Roon, but look at Allmusic. Their reviews are word for word the same as Roon’s.