Bryston BDA-3.14 Discussion

I’m getting a BDA-3.14 next week and hope to set it up as a Roon endpoint. If you have any comments, I’d love to hear them, and if you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them after I get it set up.

The BDA-3.14 is a new one on me. Streamer DAC?

Checked out the manual and it uses Manic Moose firmware just like the other BDPs. Setup is pretty straight forward. One quirk about the BDP, and not sure if it will affect your model is that when USB is plugged in, the other outputs do not function. BDP-1 is the early version player so YMMV.

Bryston stuff is solid and built like a tank. I have two BDP-1 endpoints.

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The DAC is identical to the BDA-3. I believe the streamer is, or is derived from, the BDP-pi.

Yes, it runs Manic Moose.

Thanks for the info on the USB locking out the other inputs. I’ll check on that when I get it set up. I do intend to use it directly as a Roon endpoint on the network.

Bryston has been backlogged on orders…I’ve been waiting 5 weeks so far, but hopefully I get it next week.

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The Bryston is great because if Roon has a glitch, you can use it via MPD attached hard drive music files, and DLNA renderer with Audirvana. Pricey device, but Bryston does a great job support supporting their equipment long term.

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Here’s an anecdote about Bryston customer service. I sent an inquiry in via their website at about 4:30pm on a Sunday expecting a response by maybe Tuesday.

I got a response at 5:15pm that Sunday…from Brian Russell.

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Chris Rice is unincognito on He is the BDP guru.

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