Bryston BDP-3 does not play DSD

Hi guys, please help me, I do not understand why my Bryston does not play DSD, I see that it makes a conversion to PCM 352.8 kHz, what is the problem, the output is associated with a Chord Dave.

Note: While asking for help here, I have tried to activate Dop and now if I see DSD in Roon and in Dave’s screen, Dop is not a DSD conversion to PCM …? Bryston does not play DSD natively.


DoP is indeed not a conversion to PCM. DoP means ‘DSD over PCM’ and uses just the PCM format for ‘transporting’ it’s data. But in the DAC this is immediately reconstructed into native DSD.

So no worries there.

The reason why you’re not able to do native DSD lies in the combination of your DAC and the Roon endpoint and specifically the combination of the Operating System in combination with the USB chipset.

Thanks for the quick reply, although I do not understand the last part, you refers to the Bryston BDP-3 operating system or my Core, in this case a Windows 10 Pro, PC. Maybe with another DAC that was not the Dave could play DSD with the Dop off.



The Bryston BDP-3 is capable of native DSD playback to a handful of DAC that have had their DSD drivers included in the Linux kernel.

However, I stress that the DoP (DSD over PCM) standard is a mature and well-implemented protocol for getting DSD data from a music player to a DAC. As long as your device has implemented the DoP protocol correctly (which the Chord Dave definitely does), there should be no difference in the output of sound (or even the data input to your device’s actual DAC circuitry) between native DSD or DoP.


Thanks John for support, ok, so it’s Dave’s thing, I think I’ve read that his design is more thought for PMC than for playing DSD, I’ll have to ask in some thread of Chord Dave, since I want to acquire music in HD and maybe it is better to use PMC for this DAC.

Yeah. See below, @john explained it perfectly well.

In this case it’s not only the OS (Linux) that needs to be patched, but also the DAC. I’ve recently contacted Chord myself (I own a Hugo2) for this reason, but the Chord DAC’s are not prepared for doing native DSD on Linux. Furthermore they are not able to update the USB driver in the device (so this is separate from the firmware), hence this is not gonna happen.

But as John said: DoP is DSD.


Thnx all for shed light on this matter and help me to understand . :wink: .

Old thread, I know, but my question is directly related. I’m considering getting a Bryston BDP-3 to use with my BDA-3.14.

Its clear to me that connecting these two units via USB will allow the BDP-3 to play DSD material natively. This would be using Bryston’s own software.

What is not clear to me is if I can use Roon to be able to feed the BDP-3 DSD natively or DoP.

I’ve never see DSD or DoP options in Roon is why I ask. My BDA-3.14 DAC is fully capable of DSD playback when received via HDMI or USB. It’s internal Pi streamer can also accept DSD as I understand it, but then converts it to PCM before sending it over the I2S connection to the DAC. Nevertheless, Roon should be able to send DSD or DoP to the BDA-3.14 but I see no option in Roon to enable this.

Willing to buy a BDP-3 if Roon can send DSD to it but don’t want to buy on assumption.


I own a BDA-3.14 too. Bryston says the streamer converts all DSD and any PCM at greater than 192 to 192. I’m not sure if that prevents DSD from streaming directly to it.

I’ve tried streaming to a Mac mini and then USB to the 3.14, but couldn’t get DSD working that way either.

I wonder how much of all this is because the 3.14 isn’t fully Roon Ready certified yet. I called Bryston and they told me they’re working on getting full certification.

In the meantime, I gave up on getting DSD To work because I have only one DSD album. I’ll revisit when Bryston gets fully certified.

Also, the BDA-3.14 can play DSD all by itself using its internal player (MPD). The dealer demoed that to me. You don’t need the BDP-3 for that.

It’s the Roon interface that I haven’t figured out yet.

We’ll, kind of… but it down samples using the internal player (I2s) as shown in the manual:


Actually, I kind of jumped in before fully reading what you said. The chart I attached just validates what you said for the internal Pi player.

Yes the Manic Moose interface will play back native DSD pulling media from a USB stick or hard drive via USB. I know nothing about MiniMac but it has to be able to pass native DSD or DoP via its USB port in order for the Bryston to work. Don’t think that has anything to do with the Bryston being uncertified - that’s between Roon and the MiniMac.


I was under the impression macOS passes DoP through (thinking it’s PCM). And I believe it does, however the Bryston acts like it doesn’t recognize DoP. All I hear is the low volume white noise that DoP sounds like if it isn’t recognized as DoP and is processed as straight PCM.

I asked Roon through the support forum but was told they don’t have a 3.14 in house and so couldn’t debug. I didn’t press because for all intents and purposes, I don’t use DSD.

You could well be right about the MacOS passing DoP, as I say, I know nothing about Mac.

Do you have DoP enabled on the Bryston?


Yes, I do. Thanks.

I’ve thought about getting a Raspberry Pi 4 and running Ropiee. It’s mostly about the engineer in me wanting to solve the problem; I don’t really have a need to get DSD working.

I can certainly understand that feeling!


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