Buffer Adjustment?

Is there a way to increse the buffer? Hopefully it will enable DSD 256 recordings to mplay through without stopping…Thanks

Nope, there’s no way to alter the buffer size in Roon. If you’re experiencing dropouts with DSD 256 it’s likely that it’s either a network issue or your core is underpowered.

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Apparently, there is:

My bad. That’s not an option for any of my audio devices. Hopefully it will help reduce the problems you’ve been experiencing.

Thats just for a connected DAC its not giving the streams a larger buffer to cache or anything to stop drop outs based on network latency. But if thats what you wanted.

Describe your setup a bit more. A larger buffer won’t fix a consistent drop-out issue. Buffers are there to handle small fluctuations in arrival times which should be almost none if on ethernet and minimal on wifi (although wifi performance can be all over the place which is why a wire is recommended)… if you can never get to DSD256 then your only option is preprocessing the entire track and that’s no longer buffering :wink:

Thank you for your explanation. But my issue seems to be a total dropout, which closes the player on the same track at the same time into the track. (Prokofiev Symphony #1…at 256 DSF). I’m trying to confirm this with Jonas (tech support). So upon further investigation I believe it is a problem with that specific track in the 256 version….not a buffering issue!

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That would be the 4th movement of that symphony.