BUG: 1.8 (764) no longer switches off my Linn Klimax System

I have setup my Linn Klimax to switch off after 30 minutes. This used to work perfect under 1.7.

I have now noticed that Roon no longer switches the system off after half an hour, so it kept running throughout the night for a couple of days…

I believe it worked initially, so this may have been introduced with 763 or 764. Could you please investigate or advice, how I might be able to fix this.


NB: I power-cycled the Klimax - to no avail.

Ok, got it working again as follows: Put Auto-Sleep to „Never“ >> Save.
Then put it back to the desired time again and Save.

Works for now. I‘ll keep monitoring this.

I tried on my KDS - worked fine. I’ve always left it set at 15 mins since the feature was first added and it’s always been ok.


No further problems, I believe this has sorted itself out. The issue can be closed.

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