Bug for Listeners to classical Music

If i give a heart :heart:, for instance, to Mahler‘s 1.Symphony played by Harnoncourt. What i get is that every Recording of Mahler‘s First is given a heart! This is completely useless, because i prefer the one of Harnoncourt and want this to be visible.


Where are you setting the :heart:?

If I set it on a particular recording/album of Mahler’s 1st, it only appears for that recording, not for the other 2 recordings of the composition that I have in my library, or the 168 other recordings that are available to me.

You can set the :heart: on track(s), album(s), or compositions - if you set it on for a composition, then of course all recordings will have it…


I set the :heart: at the Composition as to be seen on the picture. I understand what you mean - i could set the :heart: for the album.
But what if i like one composition on the one album, but not the same composition on another? This is what i mean.
But yeah, i can change my habits and give :heart: to the track.

I have mentioned this before; Roon doesn’t really distinguish between particular performances of a given composition. For this reason, with ‘classical’ music I ever only heart entire albums. And yes, I too feel that this is a shortcoming.