Bug in C4 Roon Nucleus Driver?

If I go to the Control4 Listen menu, and launch the Nucleus driver, it switches my Denon AVR to the proper input and all works fine. However, if I favorite the Nucleus app, then try to launch it from the favorites screen, it it brings up the Roon screen, but it does not switch my AVR to the correct input.

@Support, Any idea what’s going on?

Hi @Edward_Lee,

How do you have your AVR configured to switch inputs and how do you have it connected to the Nucleus? Are you using HDMI from Nucleus to AVR?

How is Control4 sending the input switch commands to the AVR, IP/RS232? Do you have any additional logic added in Composer that does the input switching programmatically?

Hi @noris. Yes, Nucleus is connected via HDMI to my receiver. Control4 is sending commands via IP. No additional logic that I am aware of. But, that’s probably more of a question for my dealer.


Hi @Edward_Lee,

I would check with your dealer to see if there is any additional logic, it is possible that an input switch was tied in only on the old button in your C4 program, especially if the connection is through HDMI.

Hey @noris , I see that I am not the only person experiencing this:

Control4 OS3, Roon shortcut on home page no longer working properly - Home Automation (Nucleus Only) - Roon Labs Community

Yes, this is definitely a known issue. It’s been discussed over on the Control4 forums. Pressing the Roon shortcut fails to turn on the Roon device, but selecting Roon from the “Listen” menu will turn it on as normal.

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Would be nice to get an acknowledgement of this from Roon, rather than the attempt above by @support to direct blame elsewhere and then go silent for months.

Hello @Edward_Lee ,

Apologies for the delay! Our team’s queue is longer than typical at the moment, but we’re working to get back to everyone as quickly as we can.

Can you please share some screenshots of how you have your IP input switching set up in Composer? Does this issue only impact input switching for IP-based devices, or does it impact other zones with protocols as well like RS-232 devices?

Can you clarify how exactly you are favoriting the “Nucleus app”? Are you performing a “favorite to room” on the touch panel itself? What touchpanels are you seeing this issue occur on?

@noris I can’t speak for @Edward_Lee, but I can share my own experience, which is identical to several others who have reported this bug on the Control4 forums.

  1. Favorite a Roon zone driver on any Control4 interface. (This can be on a touchscreen, an iOS app, or an Android app.) In Control4 OS3, this action places the Roon zone driver on the main page for a given room.
  2. Select the favorited driver from the main page of the room in question, on the Control4 interface.
  3. Note that the Roon zone will not power on, even after the favorited driver is selected.
  4. Select a track, and play the track. Note that the Roon zone will still not power on, and the track will not play.
  5. Instead, go into the “Listen” menu, and select the Roon zone driver. Note that Roon will power on, and tracks can be selected and played as usual.

Yes, @noris, exactly what @Darius_Lakdawalla said is how I’m doing it. Since I’m not a dealer and don’t have access to Composer, I’m not sure how to get the screenshot you requested short of asking my dealer which will have a cost. I’ll look into.

@noris Are there any updates on this issue? If you have a C4 touch screen, you can hopefully reproduce the error using the steps in my message above.


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I am a C4/Rock on NUC owner who has been considering a Nucleus Plus. I have been following this thread and find it a bit troubling that there’s been very little engagement by Support.

Has this issue been resolved?