Bug: Tracks imported into Library have date of 1 January 1

I’m seeing the same… inconsistently.

All cores are at the most current revisions and either Nucleus+, ROCK, or Ubuntu. I can’t get the ROCK or Nucleus cores to reproduce the issue, but I’m also having a lot of trouble finding music files that aren’t already in the library on those cores. All are using local storage as the target for the drag-and-drop.

On the Ubuntu core (running 354) I’m getting pretty consistent results with the albums showing a 1/1/1 import date. The files are being written to a local disk formatted ext4. After several import / delete / import cycles using the same tracks it got the date right on 1 out of 4 tries. I’ve also tried different permutations of dragging individual files vs the entire album folder vs the album folder contained within an artist folder and the results are the same. Also doesn’t seem to matter if Roon can or can’t identify the album.

I could send you an album which is failing, but it’s only failing on this one core. You’re welcome to grab logs if you like (core name roonvm1). Did these tests immediately after doing the 354 update so all of the action should be in the most recent log file.