Bugs in Playing Recordings of a Composition

When I search a composition I get a list of recordings, but when I press “Play now” only the first recording plays and then Roon starts playing other compositions instead of playing the next recording in the list. Actually it is not possible to play a recording from this page and you need to go to the album first and then play it. It would be useful to add this option on this page.

You can hit Ctrl-A to select all the compositions, and then click the Play Now button.

Hello Daniel,
Thx for replying.
That might be a workaround on a PC but I use an Android tablet so it’s not really useful. AND
I truly think that the list of recordings should function like the Album page so: 1. Having the “Play now” button play only the first recording is a BUG, and 2. not being able to play a recording directly from this page and instead going into Album display and looking for it is not user friendly.

I agree with Ori. One hits Play on any other page, and every track on that page gets played.

I hope Roon does not consider this a “feature”.

On my android tablet, long press on a track to bring up too menu. Change 1 selected to All Selected.

Hi Daniel, that works, thx !
BUT I would still prefer having a blue arrow (play) icon next to each recording just like in the Album page. As John_V wrote above, having a consistent UI across all pages is desirable.

I don’t disagree. Or, at least, an indication that it is different.

For me, when I go to a track, in an album, and, use the 3 dot menu to “Go To Compostion”, if I hit Play Now button, the recording which always plays was the track from which I entered the Composition page. As though, the track I went to Compositions was still the active selection.

It might be useful, to post this in Support, if you think it is a bug. Being here in Feature Suggestions will not get support to look into it.

From the composition screen, all of “add next”, “queue” and “shuffle” play all the performances. I don’t think I have ever used those options but they are there. Only “play now” plays the single performance at the top of the list.

What is at the top list depends on how you have set the sort filter. I generally have it set to “recordings by popularity” although I have no idea what that means. I think it is kinda useful to have a play option that just plays one performance when the others put all performances on your queue in different ways.

I posted this on Support forum, but it was deleted…