Build 1193 Sound quality

Has anyone noticed a sound quality change since updating to build 1193?
Sound is lacking drive and clarity. Soundstage has collapsed and my system is now fatiguing to listen to.
Is there anyway to fallback to the previous build version.

Nope, not here.

My wife says it’s better than ever. I notice no difference. But it’s her who can tell if it’s a 2m or 2,5m power cord to the amplifier.


Never happened for me and my wife just confirmed from the kitchen :black_joker:

Joking aside, such observations have been reported time and again, but seem extremely unlikely when RAAT code hadn’t been touched, wouldn’t you tend to agree?

Maybe you’re just having a bad day?

You’ve been with Roon for long enough to know that there have never been, or will be, official ways to roll back.

That said, I’d encourage you to always download current versions to keep at hand to reinstall once you feel the urge.

By the way, don’t forget to keep Roon database backups handy.

Also keep in mind that changes to Roon may eventually break functionalities if you fixate on a certain revision (1.8 legacy might be different for a while, I don’t know).

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No difference - she just walked in and said turn that crap down as usual.


Has anyone noticed that 1193 is a prime number?


I agree that this issue should be impossible with the code update but unfortunately something has changed. My wife said my crap taste in music now sounds crap too. This is the first time I have had this issue with a Roon update, and it’s one of the main reasons I have been so happy with Roon. I was an early adopter with Linn streamers and look back at that time of ‘software lottery updates’ with abject dismay.
I updated to 1193 in the middle of a song and just pressed play as soon as the update was complete. Nothing else changed.

For reference, Control Points are iMac and iPhone. System is Roon Nucleus via USB to Bricasti M1 to ATC 100ASL.

Reboot the core and stuff just to see if something else has gone a little awry.

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No, sounds exactly the same.

Ah, just in time. I wait with great anticipation further posts in this thread.


There is no difference in SQ. But, I just routed my incoming internet through a surge suppressor and it’s like a veil was lifted. :roll_eyes:


It’s not the build, but if there is a drastic change in the audio, something has obviously changed on your end. With the new version, have you double checked things like DSP settings (maybe something got turned on accidentally). Can you post a picture of the Signal Path.

There shouldn’t be any change in SQ, but one thing I had happen with this update, it reduced the resolution of one of my devices (RS250) from being a 32/768 and DSD256 (which really should be DSD512, but whatever…) to being a 24/192 device with no DSD at all. First time I had to revoot the Rose, but after that Roon reidentified it correctly.

Check your device setup to see if Roon decided to downsample or something?

Turn it off, wait ten seconds…switch it on. Re boot has done the trick. Got to love computers!
Sorry, I really should have done some investigation into signal path etc. I don’t use DSP. All files are as they were ripped (without upsampling) or downloaded, I just let the Bricasti do it’s thing into the ATC’s. Very minimalist.

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other After update 1193 and after all the updates nothing strange with my SA Rhein Z1 roon core👍

Yes, rebooting everything, from modem, through server, through endpoints should always be done FIRST when any problem arises.

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