Build 147 RoonServer File Mounting Failures?

I have RoonServer running on my Linux server and what I’ve done is I’ve created a user called roon, I’ve changed the owner of all roon related directories to the user roon. I’ve modified the startup script to start RoonServer as user roon. Because my music library is on a NAS, I’ve also given sudo rights to user roon to use commands like mount.cifs and unmount.

This used to work.

Now roon seemed to upgrade itself and it no longer worked :frowning:

And it seems to be all about mounting. It claims it can’t find my library at /mnt/RoonStorage_hash which is kinda right, because it ain’t there. I don’t know why and my sysrem logs were full of cifs errors, first -113 and then -111. I tried everything, I even added an entry to fstab for the directory, but it’s no use.

The thing is, if I create the directory and mount it there manually, roon will unmount it and complain that it’s not there. If I mount it manually and remove the rights to unmount, based on the logs roon is really persistent on trying to unount the directory so it can complain it ain’t there and when it can’t unount it, it is an error and won’t use it anyway.

Any pointers on what might be wrong or if something mounting related has changed since the previous release?


Well, RoonServer still doesn’t mount cifs, but I made a workaround. I made a local (NFS) mount and added a local library in roon. Not optimal, but works after rescanning the whole library.

NFS performs better than SAMBA so not sure why you consider it not ideal, especially as you’re talking between two Linux devices?

I don’t think the situation is ideal because:

  • Roon used to work flawlessly and now it doesn’t
  • I don’t understand why it doesn’t
  • Roon lacks one feature that I was using
  • In order to add NFS mounts I have to log on to my server and can’t use the remote
  • The performance of the network share was never a bottle neck
  • I had to rescan mu whole library and now all my albums are once again tagged as “new”

I would seem that I found the reason for this when trying to figure out another problem. So it would seem that roon was unable to create a directory under /mnt because it was using sudo together with mkdir command and it didn’t have sudo rights for that binary. It had write permissions to /mnt but I guess directory creation changed back in the day.