Build 242 - Multi-channel playback - Options

Continues the discussion from Roon 1.3 (Build 242) Is Live! Devialet AIR Now Streaming!:

This release also contains a change to our default stereo/mono playback behavior when talking to multi-channel devices. Previously, the full channel layout was always sent, with silence sent to unused channels. Now, stereo/mono content is sent using the “2.0” layout, and only multi-channel content uses the selected layout. There is a new setting that allows users to revert to the old behavior if desired, but we expect that the new default will work for the great majority of use cases.

Channel Layout is there but I can’t do anything with it as it stands 2.0 what’s okay!
But, Multichannel Mixing Strategy. Is Channel Mapping Only and Downmix As Needed!
Was it so before you changed it and now changed it back?
Because I need to choose one of whose two!

I can have misunderstood the whole thing, but I don’t remember that you have to choose between Downmix and Channel mapping before!

What is the best of whose two to choose?

If you don’t do any multi-channel playback, then “Downmix” is probably the way to go.

Thanks @orgel,
I suppose that, but the explanation on More Info is not exactly great!
And none of the two is really good especially when you read More Info!!!
But’s my opinion :roll_eyes:

Take a look at this RKB - Multichannel it may help.


Thanks for that Carl, I wanted to now what Roon recommended :+1:.