Build 263: iPhone 7 Plus screen resolution problem

I’ve submitted an update to Apple that contains a fix, guys. It will be live as soon as they approve it, but be forewarned – this can take a few days. :frowning:

I’ve asked for an expedited approval, but for now we wait.

Sorry again for the trouble here guys!

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Thanks Mike, the effort is much appreciated! Now we wait for the update.

Thanks for the quick response Mike. As always you Roon guys are total rockstars!

was hoping this update was related to KEF LS50W; really wish i’d read this thread before updating.

Build 264 available in App Store

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I had this issue too. 264 fixed it for me. Thanks!

Update became available in app store just now. Everything back to perfection!

Yep 264 fixes the issue for me.

Fixed! Amazing service from the Roon guys again.

Its fixed now! Thanks!

You guys Rock :wink:
Working great now. Thanks for the fast turnaround !!

Screen looks fine for me on iPhone 7 plus.

But the play artist button doesn’t seem to work

Same here as well, back to great on the iPhone 7 Plus! Thanks

Sorry, but it did not fix the screen for my iPhone 7 Plus. Any suggestions?

Resolved. Even after latest update it was still 263 version for some reason. Had to delete and reinstall. Now is Ok. Thanks. It works.

Thanks all, closing this one out :innocent: