Build 263: iPhone 7 Plus screen resolution problem

Fancy new iPhone 8 plus with iOS 11. Roon downloaded directly from the App Store today.

@support, just let me know if you need any logs or anything to troubleshoot.

Just released the new version – give it a shot and let me know if you’re still having an issue.

I just clicked the button 10 minutes ago, so it may take a little while for it to show up in the App Store.

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I’m having issues as well its really tiny on the iPhone 7 Plus iOS 11 and app was updated on iOS store

The update fixed it for me. Thanks!

263 doesn’t fix the issue for me on a 7-Plus with ios11.

Same problem here with my iPhone 7plus with iOS 11

Same tiny text issue on an iPhone 7 Plus with OS11

Sorry folks, we’ll take a look at what happened here.

This was working before Build 263, right guys?

@Blickman @Mike_Ormerod @Eric_Campbell @Neil_Cowley

Yes, the prior release displayed fine with iOS11, only went small with this most recent release of Roon Remote. Thanks for being on the case.

The latest update made the interface very small for me too. iPhone 7 plus, iOS 11. It worked fine prior to the update.

I need to check my iPod Touch too…not sure what version it might be on, but it’s crazy small too.

Same here!! Garr Garr

Yes it was working fine before 263.

Here also resolution problems on the iphone 7 plus. Not able to go back to a menu when i clickt an artist, album etc.

Same problem here. Just upgraded Roon on my iphone 7 plus with ios11. No chance of reading the screen. Current version of app now useless. Have not found any way to change font size myself.

Same here. On iPhone 7 Plus. Latest version (263) from App Store fresh installed
No issue on lower resolution iPhone 6

Correct Mike. the iPhone 7 plus worked before before build 263

6S Plus is fine as well.

For all you 7’ers: hang in there. I guess there’ll be an update for you pretty soon.

My 6S+ is fine too…and the iPod Touch 6th Gen is ok (but its always been so small on that) - almost impossible to navigate - Same as 262 with 263