Build 29 Clicks going form DSD to PCM

I’m getting some loud clicks moving from DSD to PCM files with an MSB Technology Analog DAC/Quad USB module.

Try setting the “resync delay” setting to 500ms so Roon rolls a little bit of silence during transitions.

I think @bplexico has the same DAC as you, and last I heard, he was in a reasonable state. Maybe he has some configuration advice to add.

Yes I have the same setup, MSB Analog DAC with Quad Rate USB Module. I have been using it with alternately a PC running Windows 10 and the MSB ASIO driver and a Mac Mini (2012) with 16GB RAM and i7 Core.

Usually they are pulling all my music from my Synology NAS file server. I have had no issues moving between PCM to DSD, or DSD to PCM files in terms of clicks, loud or small. My settings are still at the default (resynch delay).

What did take care of occasional drop outs I had with DSD files when using a Synology NAS was to ensured that I had the NAS properly configured for SMB3, it is set to SMB1 by default.

@Mercman - apologies that I don’t recall your setup entirely, but I believe you are storing all your music on external drives connected to your Mac Mini via Thunderbolt, is that correct?

I will test again tonight with current build on my Mac Mini and let you know if I have any issues or have different settings.

Also is this from a playback queue that moves from DSD64 to PCM 16/44.1 or other combination ( or perhaps all) or will this happen if you just switch from a DSD64 track to a PCM track?

Hi bplexico,

I’m using Thunderbolt drives connected to an Asus G501 JW laptop. I appreciate Brian’s response and will try his suggestion. I was using a lower setting.


Ok, if that fails let me know and I can share my settings for my PC laptop which has been working flawlessly.

I assume you are using the MSB ASIO driver, is that correct?

Yes. In fact, I just submitted my take on Roon and Windows discussing the Quad USB and Native DSD ASIO for AudioStream in a forthcoming article. I have also been getting very good performance.

But thanks for the offer of help.

OK Steven, I am running my PC laptop with Windows 10 using a Synology NAS.

The problem I was encountering was due to a specific DSD title I was playing. Other DSD titles don’t click. Roon is working very well.

I’m also getting clicks, However, my DAC is the iFi Micro.

I am discovering more DSD files that create clicks going from DSD to PCM. The resynch delay isn’t helping. I don’t remember having this issue with the previous build.

DSD content is difficult to rip properly, and lot of stuff out there, particularly rips from SACDs have clicks built in.

The first thing we should confirm is that these clicks aren’t in the media itself. Do the same tracks/transitions click in other players, or is it just Roon?

I just tried JRiver 20- using the same titles that created clicks in Roon resulted in no clicks with JRiver.