Build 416 Search Performance Feedback

Hello everyone,

Build 416 included performance improvements to resolve issues that some could cause slow performance issues. There is also some architectural work happening right now that should speed up searches across the board, but that’s a big project and will take a bit more time.

It is important to note that search can be more susceptible to environmental issues, and the speed or stability of your network and your location relative to our servers is going to be a factor. We’re continuing to investigate any reports that come our way.

If you’d like to provide us with feedback about how search is performing, please do! When providing feedback, please be sure to include answers to the following:

  • Is search the only area where you see slowness?
  • What is an example of a search that was slow for you? Please include the search string and number of seconds it took to load.
  • If you search once more for the string above, is it any quicker?
  • Is every search slow, or is it only occasional?

We look forward to your feedback.


search is still way too slow unfortunately.

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search is as slow as with previous 1.6 version :cry:
all uptdated and rebooted…

  • Is search the only area where you see slowness? — YES
  • What is an example of a search that was slow for you? Please include the search string and number of seconds it took to load. ELINA DUNI - 12 SECONDS
  • If you search once more for the string above, is it any quicker? - INSTANT (LESS THEN 1SEC)
  • Is every search slow, or is it only occasional? - OCCASIONAL - a new search for “Buena Vista Social Club” took 2 seconds


search was “slowish” but nothing unbearable and… has become unbearably slow with this update :roll_eyes:

Hi @stevev1 @pl_svn and @nquery,

I’ve merged your posts into a new feedback thread. Please see my post above. Thanks!

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edited my post to include requested answers

Still have issues as can be seen in video here.!AgHQUEVFVR_nx7oMzB6b-0PdT6GqFg

Second search is generally quicker but sometimes not as fast as I would expect.

I’ve not had a minute wait yet but since the update it started out quicker at 4-5 secs now as you can see in the video considerably longer.

Repeated search is now much snappier and fast. But in my case the first time search still takes 5-15s, which is way too long when comparing to other Qobuz implementations I use in my network under same conditions. They return searches within 1-2s.

Search seemed snappier: 2-3 seconds versus 5-6 seconds. Then I entered “giulini in vienna”, the literal name of an album, the search ran over 30 seconds before I cancelled out of it. I then ran it again, and about 15 seconds later it came up with “an answer” but the actual album wasn’t Roon’s answer.

So, a mixed bag. Note this is a Qobuz album; I have both services currently. HTH

Same problem here, search is still way too slow unfortunately

It tooks about 12 seconds to find “Malia - Ripples (Echoes of Dreams)”

My search performance is currently good - noticeably better than previous builds.

One offshoot benefit I’ve also noticed, possibly down to the optimisation you made to your Tidal link, is that adding Tidal albums to the library is now far snappier. It used to be incredibly laggy.

@dylan here’s a video from my screen for a search on both the Qobuz app and the roon app for Anouar Brahem… spot the difference


On my setup (US Qobuz beta, macOS 10.14.4, Chrome 74.0.3729.108, build 416 Roon Core and clients), searching for “Anouar Brahem” from scratch was twice as fast (2s vs 4s) on Roon than on the Qobuz Web app (there’s no Qobuz macOS native app, at least not here in the US). Once loaded, searching for the same on the Qobuz Web app was instantaneous, and almost the same on the Roon macOS app, but that’s not surprising (caching).

Hi Steveev1,

the search for Anouar Brahem took me in roon approx 1-2 sec and in Qobuz the same time. I have a lan connection between the N+ and the internet router.



searching in local library and Tidal are mutch slower than before.
my setup:

  • NUC i7, Quad core, Samsung 960 nvme (ROCK)
  • Qnap 435 Pro (library)
  • Bluesound Node 2
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ Ropieee
  • all Lan wired (transfer rate 115MB/s)
  • iPad Pro
  • Zyxel SMB switche
  • Meraki access points

I’ve the same latence as descriped before. Serchtime about 15 seconds. earlier versions are 5 seconds.


Today search has been slower over all with some major ones taking 20-30 secs

Just did some search tests with artists I’ve not searched recently (and I rebooted my system recently anyway for other reasons). Pretty prompt, both obscure and well-known artists. California, local library (~20K tracks) + Qobuz. I’m wondering if there’s some cloud load management issue in Roon’s integration between local and streaming provider searches that happens for some users some of the time but not for all users all the time…

Also experiencing extremely slow searches of local library as well as Tidal and Qobuz. Much, much slower than pre-Qobuz Roon versions. Some searches go in excess of 30 seconds.

Innuos Zenith MK 2 running latest Roon 1.6 build.

NAS storage via LAN wired ethernet and on Zenith’s internal SSD.

Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions.

Steve Z

Same for me as reported above by zettelsm - both in terms of his configuration and his experience.

Does Roon not do any client-side caching? Returning to the same artists is just as slow every time.