Build 521 Search still fails

Così fan Tutte is a composition by Mozart. A performance typically lasts three hours. If I search for “Così Fan Tutte” Roon correctly finds the composition. If I press the “Qobuz” tab in the results there are 1025 results, most of which are not performances of the opera, but performances of an individual aria lasting a few minutes.

Why is it still the case that Roon cannot discriminate a full composition from a part of that composition?This makes using Roon almost useless to search for a classical composition in Qobuz. Do you recognise this is a problem? Do you have any intention of fixing it? Is there a work round? Am I doing something wrong? How can you claim “Roon understands your content” when it doesn’t?

As you say: it’s not so much your (local) content which is problem but what’s on qobuz. It doesn’t seem to be easy to cut through the noise qobuz comes with – not sure if it will ever happen / be possible for Roon to tackle this.

I understand the frustration, it’s exactly why I’m not using the qobuz integration in Roon. Tried it, but insufficient search results and the lack of “classical understanding” kind of poisoned the experience. It’s nice on the front page (like NRfY, and such) but obviously if one wants to dig in deeper it’s - sometimes, like with classical music - less convincing.

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Can you search for how you would like it in Qobuz own app? Roon is at the mercy of the metadata it’s presented from its services so if you can’t search this way in Qobuz own apps unlikely Roon can.

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If you do a search for “Così fan Tutte” in the Qobuz app you get back a list of albums featuring full performances.

Well, yes. The Qobuz GUI is far from perfect but it implements some common sense on the lists it returns. If you do a search on “Cosi Fan Tutti” you get a list of albums. If on the other hand you do a search on a single aria (I randomly chose the trio “Soave il vento”) you get a list of tracks.

I think you are asking how to locate the complete performances. As you step through the list, add those complete performances to a new specialized playlist for this project. Sorting will go quickly. All you need to do is key off of the total performance time, and the complete performances will be clearly identifiable.

Roon could make this simpler by putting in another sort By Length. Then the short stubs would fall to the bottom of the list leaving what you’re looking for.

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I did a search for this myself of Mozart Cosi Van Tutti and under albums there was full albums of the works not single track of Arias. Compositions was single Arias so perhaps Qobuz is not providing this data to Roon as you say it comes under albums in Qobuz not compostions?