Build 65 Force Rescan broken?

Force Rescan on a watched folder does not seem to pick up changes as good as or as complete as build 55. Also, there is now a “Scanning…” popup after clicking Force Rescan that covers up the “XXX Tracks Imported” info. It was useful to watch that number in real time in build 55 to make sure things were working. A regression IMO.

Hello @foxmoon, can you give us a use-case, what changes weren’t picked up after using "Force Rescan’ feature ?
Appearing of “Scanning now…” message is a designed behavior. This message informs about the progress of scanning procedure, when scan ends “XXX Tracks Imported” messages appears again but with the updated info.

Hi @vova

Use case is for example renaming an album directory containing tracks, or deleting an album folder replacing it with a new one.

With build 55 I used to be able to do this: What happens when I rename a directory or file that has already been scanned? and the changes would be picked up immediately.

With build 65 not anymore. I have to click Force Rescan many times and even close/open Roon for the changes to be picked up.

Oh, and the pop up doesn’t go away by itself. Just sits there until you press escape.


This is just weird, restarted Roon and it behaves like build 55 (no pup up, count is updated and changes picked up immediately…) ?

Actually, this is not a Force Rescan problem but a connection problem. The spinning popup and no changes being picked up happen when my remote looses connection to the server.

I reported on this problem here.

After I restart RoonServer it works.

@vova where do I find a control to rescan the entire storage? Or a specific directory? A few albums don’t show up; they used to but tags were messed up, and after tag editing they don’t show up at all.

Settings / Storage / “Gear” / Force Rescan

Of course. Thanks, @Ludwig.
Dialog popped up for a second, disappeared. Didn’t find any new stuff.
Doubt it did much scanning in that time. Although if it only checks time stamps, on an SSD, it’s hard to predict times…

@vova @ludwig Hmm, I made some mistakes. While I building my new NUC I had copied some WMA files, and @VidarDK has filed a bug that WMA support has disappeared in build 65.

But I have other files that don’t show up. I think… May have made other mistakes in manual library management. Will keep checking.

@AndersVinberg – very bad situation in regards to WMA. I’ve responded with a clarification here: Lossless WMA files supported

I guess that is why none of my Mac audio software supports WMA. (Luckily I only have one album in WMA, which I managed to convert…)

@danny I understand. And I agree with the advice on bulk conversion, I use dBPoweramp.

In my case, it is not a real problem: the only reason I have WMAs is that it is the only lossless format my car understands (Mercedes with Burmester). It is a huge nuisance to maintain a copy of the library, especially since the Burmester is limited to 48k/24 so I have to down-convert but I don’t want to up-convert the CDs. Those WMAs should not have appeared in Roon, I made a mistake in data management.

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