Build 783: slooooow search

search was lightning fast since… forever, but dropped to a crawl with Build 783 :no_mouth:

now takes 3-5 seconds to come up with results for extremely well known stuff (eg. Ibrahim Maalouf. files on local NAS too) and 15-20+ for minors (eg Orkester Nord. no local files: Qobuz streaming only)

used to be instant and 3-5 sec at max

NUCi7 running ROCK, MBP 15" running macOS 14.x as control

Same here. I use an internal SSD and is usually lightening fast

Same here. I was very impressed with the fast search introduced with 1.8, but very slow so far with 783

seriously: extremely slow search in b783 :no_mouth:
(for stuff I have plenty in my local library too!)

not my network, btw: ROCK web UI comes up in a millisecond

Hi @pl_svn

Can you provide some examples of searches where you’re seeing this? Please include:

  • The search text
  • The time that you started the search
  • How long the search took to complete

Is this constant (i.e. every search takes this long) or does it vary?

If you search for the same thing again right after a slow search is it any faster the second time?

just searched for:

  • currentzis
  • bruggen
  • thielemann
  • gardiner
    (nothing “exotic”, as you see :wink: )

each time it took 10+ seconds to come up with something else than “Roon’s spinning” icon
this happens with any search I do (in 783). faster ones are 5+ secs, slowest ones can take up to 15-20+

nothing truly terrible or unbearable but… in any previous build searching never took more than some instants (I’m on my 4th or 5th year with Roon)

2017 MBP 15.3" with touch bar, macOS 11.2.3 as control, NUC i7 running ROCK as core

I have just done the same tests. I run the same version of Roon ROCK on a core i7 NUC, connected via ethernet / GB switch. I have 27000 albums / 500,000 tracks on a NAS plus a Qobuz account.
Currentzis: returns in 1,5 seconds, Bruggen returns in 2,6 seconds. Gardiner in 2,2 seconds. Could there be something else impacting the search response time?

thank you Patrick
but… no idea really what it might be: Qobuz here too and a dedicated Qnap HS-251+ for file storage (just about 3.000 local albums here)
everything is on a wired gigabit network (but the control MBP)

this all, as I wrote, started right on launching b783 for the first time
previously searches did took as you report (if not even a smidge less)

I do reboot the MBP every day and the Cirrus7 NUC once a month
Qnap had a fw update a couple of days ago so…

update: in v790 Roon wasn’t able anymore to resolve Qobuz’ IP
changed DNS server (from CloudFlare to Google) and all is fine now including search which is back to normal speed

DNS issues thread

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