Build 880 killed my Roon

Since the update anything I play (library or Tidal) on any endpoint just stops after a few seconds.

Roon Core Machine

Synology NAS DS718+ 8Gb RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

MBP Pro M1
A couple of Google Home Mini
A few Chromecasts
One Chromecast audio
Two Ropieee
Three Sonos
A bunch of Androids and iPhones

Number of Tracks in Library

604 artists
971 albums
13548 tracks

Description of Issue

Anything will stop playing after a few seconds, regardless of the source or endpoint.

I’m having issues with the new software as well . It now skips tracks at random and cuts out about 4 times an hour . This does not appear to be a network internet connection issue.
Any one else with these issues?
And of course intel on how to fix the issue if it is down to us to fix ?

It’s looks like the Core looses sight of the endpoints repeatedly.
At this point they should just rollback this update and go back to properly testing their stuff before releasing it.


Well maybe pulling the update is a bit drastic.
I’m interested to know if Roon labs are investigating this issue to see if it’s just two of or if it’s more widespread.
Do they monitor this site?

in the early days of Roon, you could have fruitful discussion here directly with core team like COO @danny , however currently with the boom of user base it seems they don’t follow this forum any more (which is understandable from my view) . For the last few years you would more likely get reposne from RoonLabs support team members who are managing the end-user support ( About - Roon Labs Community )

we do.

You still can, but in this release, my area was Art Director, so I’ve been busy with that side of things. I was just diagnosed with COVID and have been having fevers coming and going, so it’s been less than ideal.

We are always on high alert after a big release, and this release is working fine for most users. There were some quick minor fixes we were able to knock out and release today (very rare for us to release on a Friday):


Thank you @danny for your ongoing work and support and I wish you a speedy recovery from Covid.

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Get well soon.



I’m finding that the new release has become more reliable if late and that if there is buffering it can sometimes be attributed to my internet connection.
I’m still in my trial period so currently am unsure if I would be prepared to pay £10 per month for use of the software . The price is high
Thanks all

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