Build 94 DSD256 from RoonReady Sonicorbiter SE

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I recently received my Sonicorbiter SE and so far it has integrated with no issues at all. The only hiccup I have encountered is playing DSD256 files. For every other format I’ve played, I get a lossless stream. For DSD256, Roon is converting the file to PCM. My testing DAC is the Oppo HA-2, which supports up to DSD256 natively. The DAC is running Oppo’s latest firmware (v6.76) and I’m running the latest build of Roon. On the desktop version of Roon the output shows up as USB output and on the iPad version it displays “Unknown: 18”. I’m including the screenshots so you can see exactly what I’m talking about. No doubt the iPad version will match the desktop version once the iPad app is updated. I know from a previous thread that @brian stated DSD256 only worked in native form. I hope that the code can be updated to flag the Sonicorbiter SE to stream the DSD256 in native form too, because that is the only way the HA-2 can support that resolution. Hopefully it will be an easy fix to get DSD256 to stream lossless from the Sonicorbiter SE for those that have a DAC that supports it. Keep up the great work and Thank You!!!

I am having problems with DSD256 and the SonicorbiterSE as well (it won’t play). My DAC is the Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 DSDse. This DAC fully support DSD256. Using windows roon to remotely connect to my roooon server the options for the SonicorbiterSE does not show DSD256 as an option in the audio config, only DSD64 and DSD128

Yes, it’s easy to enable this. We’re working on it.

Hecubus, the Sonicorbiter SE supports native DSD on certain devices such as the iFi Nano iDSD and iFi Micro iDSD. The Oppo is currently awaiting inclusion on to the list of supported devices. The unit is already capable of supporting DSD256 via DoP. Does the Oppo support DSD256 via DoP?

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JBNY, the Wyred4Sound DAC does not currently support native DSD playback on Linux. The DAC needs a firmware update and our unit needs a driver update for native DSD support. We are working with Wyred4Sound on this, but it’s going to take time. EJ has advised that DSD256 is supported via DoP on his DAC so that will probably be the best option in the short term.

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Brian, thanks again for your work on making the Sonicorbiter SE RoonReady.

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i wonder sound Sonicorbiter SE RoonReady.

it is good?


According to the specs on the Oppo, it only does DSD256 if fed a native stream. The Oppo is my only current DAC that handles DSD256 and that’s why I tested with it. Now that CES is over, Larry and the gang at LH Labs can get cracking again and hopefully get my Vi Tube DAC built and shipped. :smile:

Thank you for that information Jesus, I will follow up with EJ as all their documentation reads that they do support DSD256 and up to 384kHz on Linux. In the meantime I have changed the roon audio settings for PCM up to 192kHz and DSD128 and now my DSD256 files are playing via DoP without issue.

Shin, yes it’s good:)

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Joe, the W4S supports DSD256 via DoP on Linux as well as 384kHz PCM. Update the SonicOrbiter SE and wait for a link to appear at the bottom of the GUI before exiting the status page. Then reboot the unit and retest things.

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OK, I did the update. No difference, still will not do DSD256 DoP at 384kHz, if I drop it down to 192kHz it works fine.

Let’s check some settings. From the GUI in /Settings/RoonReady do you have the check box selected to enable DoP?

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Yes it is checked. I can do DoP at 192 but it will play for a few seconds then hang at 384

Go into Audio Setup in Roon and then into settings for the Sonicorbiter SE and disable both max sample rate for DSD and PCM.

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When I do that it will try to play at 384, but it will studder, and the display will blink from ----- to 384k while it is trying to play. Eventually the song will not play at all.

Are you hardwired to your router on both the computer running Roon and the Sonicorbiter SE?

Jesus R

I am hardwired via a Netgear 1GB network. Both at the roon server on an i7 PC, and at the sonicorbiter SE.


I want to summarize some things:

  1. Native DSD256 support on the Oppo is pending an update of the Sonicorbiter SE operating system.

  2. Studder playback of DSD256 on W4S DAC has been corrected. EJ reported to me that W4S DAC supports DSD256 via DoP, but that does not appear to be the case. I’ll get clarification.
    Since the W4S DAC does not currently support DSD256 via DoP or native Roon resamples it to the highest supported rate or the max rate selected by the user in Roon.
    Playback is a function of the computer running Roon server and/or the network. We are not sure what caused the studder, but it’s working now.
    In order for any DAC to support DSD256 via DoP it needs to support PCM at 705.6kHz. The W4S DAC’s max rate is currently 384kHz and thus Roon can not send it DSD256 via DoP.
    The work around is to send the W4S DAC native DSD at DSD256. I have the patch to try this on the W4S DAC, but it will take some time to test it and get it pushed into the unit. No guarantees, but at least EJ is willing to help. I’ll keep you posted…

Jesus R

Hecubus, can you contact me via email. I have an update in our beta repo that I want to install so you can test native DSD256 on your DAC.

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