Build 943 causing Qnap to reboot during scan

Hi all,

Having a repeated problem since 943 updated that during a complete scan our QNap TBS-464 on reboots during the scan. No errors in the Qnap logs, I just see the device restarting.

Due to the other big bug with Roon on QNap with scanning, running a complete scan is required whenever Roon or the Qnap restarts, so we have a dead Roon now as whilst the Roon app is started it won’t complete a scan.

Really disappointed with this. Having been stable for years I feel Roon has now entered the world of software quality more akin to Naim. :frowning:


Hi @Zebedee ,

Can you please upload a manual set of logs to Dropbox / Google Drive and post a link here?

Tagging @crieke as well

All yours: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

Any update on this? @noris @crieke

Hi @Zebedee ,

It appears that your Dropbox link expired, can you please re-upload or send the logs to our server instead?

If you are willing to look into the Roon logs as well, it would be interesting to see if there are any files right before the reboot that Roon gets stuck on analyzing.


Note there is something weird in the zip file the dump created. It is 108MBs in size and similar size when extracted. But when that extract is recompressed is 8MB.

From my view of the logs, I don’t see it starting to scan.

This is still happening on build 952. I have no Roon server for two weeks and counting.

What’s the plan? @noris

Hi @Zebedee ,

When you say the device is restarting, does this mean that the entire unit is rebooting? Or just RoonServer on the unit?

If you click on “Change database location” and set up a new database location, and reimport your content, does the same reboot occur?

The entire QNap restarts.

With 943 it was almost instantaneous the moment the scan started. 952 gets about 1/3 of the way through a large-ish library, around 100,000 tracks, before restarting.

The new database location makes no change to the behaviour.

This is an NVMe SSD NAS so the scanning is super fast if that could be a factor, but it was running and stable with the previous release to 943. The previous setup was regular SSD for the db and WD Red hard drives and that was stable for years.

Without Roon running a scan the device is stable. The only other running apps are Asset and a QNap HBS sync job to DropBox which is not actively syncing content at the time of the scan.


Still happening with build 970 @noris .

Hi @Zebedee ,

Can you please try to move this directory out of your Roon watched location and verify if the same issue persists? It looks like Roon was scanning this directory right before the crash occurred: /DropMusic/Music_Mum&JacksCDs/London Filmworks Orchestra - Colin Towns/The Beatrix Potter Music Collection/

Problem still occurs.

I then changed the watch locations so the scan was smaller and the Qnap still rebooted, possibly even quicker on the second occasion.

Both sets of logs are at Dropbox - Support Logs - Simplify your life


@noris What’s happening with this? It’s been a month now.

Hello @Zebedee ,

I am unsure why your QNAP would fully restart due to a Roon issue, if you have not yet performed a hard disk integrity check, I would do so, as this if the first case I’m hearing of a reboot during a scan.

I did take another look over your logs and I believe I found a crash, the last thing that Roon was doing was performing analysis on this file: /DropMusic/Music_Downloaded/_Qobuz/Maria Callas - Remastered The Complete Studio Recordings/ and importing this album: /DropMusic/Music_Downloaded/_Qobuz/Prince-Batman/.

If removing these two folders does not resolve the crash, then I would suggest temporarily disabling the current storage and only leaving a handful of folders enabled, to confirm that the system is stable without the full library.