Build 99 does it sound as good as the previous build to you?

To me the previous version had more depth and ambient info…this now sounds flat and one dimensional

Anyone else hearing this?

Updated yesterday and thought it sounded very good indeed, didn’t notice any difference

Was going to say no, but apparently I need to say more than that.

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The dreaded one build sounds better than the next thread :sob:


I didn’t noticed any difference at all.

This could end up like the Devialet S/W update threads :flushed:

Way better.

New DAC may have something to do with that, but nonetheless…

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I am not.

The audio-related changed in 99 were the new DSD->PCM conversion, and a fix for an arithmetic error in the sample rate conversion for AirPlay. These changes would not impact you unless you are using those features (it would be clear in signal chain).

We did nothing else that should impact sound quality, and both of those were measured and tested carefully to verify that they were actual improvements.

If things are sounding worse, I would look for environmental causes. I am very skeptical that this build alone could have caused an SQ degradation.


So after Brian’s post I started digging around…it looks like we have a voltage drop here (most likely do to storm).

Most likely the cause for my observation on SQ.

After I installed some very expensive Meridian gear I noticed random distortions. I was suspicious of the power here, because the UPS for the office computer would occasionally beep about low voltage, like when I made coffee in the adjoining room. Bought a PS audio power regenerator and the problem went away. But that is an expensive solution. We shouldn’t have to do that. But some of us do, depends both on the quality of the power utility and the wiring of the house.

Here we go.

I tire of the threads over on CA where people endlessly debate the significant audio quality differences between two Audirvana versions, even when the release notes are “changed an icon from blue to green”.



Friend of mine calls them cork sniffers.

If you tire of these threads then don’t read them…

read? it’s the smell.

Hey, lots of people have deep interest and enthusiasm for lots of stuff. No skin off my nose, or any of us. Remember, to most people all of us are a little odd…

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Sounds the same to me

That will be because it is the same.

So in checking the power, my place normally runs 122 >123v. The other day it was 119…back to the normal 123 in a few hours. Sonically there was no change between the voltages.

I still maintain there is less ambient info and the sound field has lost all its dimensionality with the Build 99 update…

You have fewer greens the last couple of days?

I regretfully have to agree with those that find Build 99 sounds as G997 describes. I would go a step further and say Roon now sounds brighter, thinner, flat, smaller soundstage and with less “analog” and more digital footprint to the sound than before.
It appears that I am now opening myself up to be roundly criticized- but I know what I (and one other person) hear.
I tested songs on Roon vs. Amarra. In the past I found the two sources to be virtually identical.
Not at the present: Amarra is far more full and round, while still as detailed.
I have been a lifetime subscriber with a highly resolving system and although I make no claim of having a “golden ear”. That said- it is clear that something (albeit inadvertent) took place to change the sound quality and not for the better.
I DO NOT use DSD or AirPlay.
Let the onslaught begin…