Build 99 Drop out problems

KMan, thanks for this post. One question: I have an AMD Radeon graphics card in my 2015 iMac. CUDA is not for this card, correct? Maybe I’m a little confused about what CUDA is and if I can implement it safely on my machine. Because I have nothing but drop out issues no matter what configuration or build number from Roon or HQP (on Roon 99 and HQP 3.13beta2 now).

Yes you are correct. CUDA is for Nvidia only not AMD. Jussi made some changes in 3.12.0 where it could offload some of the computing to GPU (Nvidia CUDA capable cards only). For me CUDA had the best benefit when using closed-form filters. Jussi also mentioned that CUDA is very useful when using the convolution engine of HQPlayer.

I use poly-sinc (non 2s) family of filters and the best results I got was when I unchecked both CUDA offload and SDM pipelining.

The dropout issue you are talking about, is it where the music stops after a few tracks or is it random dropouts? If you are doing DSD->PCM, selecting ‘traditional’ in DSDIFF/DSF settings is a good workaround for now.

In virtually every configuration no matter what. PCM or SDM. Any filter, rate, etc. Beyond frustrated.

It sounds as if something may be broken between how HPQ communicates to your DAC. It has happened to me when I tried to to DSD->PCM and something broke. Then no combination would work unless I switch to a different NAA/reboot.

Somethhing to try would be, changing how you play to your DAC. If it is on the same machine as HPQ/Roon, try to put it on a different machine (NAA). Another, rather silly thing I did and scratched my head for a while was I had set my DAC on the wrong input. Beyond that, I hope Jussi may be able to help if you provide logs.

Thanks KMan. Feel free to move this response, but I’m confused also about how to implement NAA. My DAC is on the same machine as HQP/Roon and I don’t know how I would move it to another DAC.

Not knowing your setup, something rudimentary to try would be to play to your speakers (if on Macbook) just to isolate the problem (of course at the rate it supports). If you have a spare PC/Mac on the same network (subnet), you can download the network audio demon from HQPlayer site or you can also run NAA on the same machine. It is almost as simple as downloading it and double-click to run. In Hqplayer choose NetworkAudioAdapter and then check to see if your DAC is listed.

Thanks again KMan. I’ll give it a try. in the next day or two. I appreciate your suggestion.