Build a Roon Server using an Intel NUC and USB connected M2Tech HiFace 2

I am looking ot build a Roon Server using an Intel NUC. Will the USB port recognise it as an Audio device so i can connect to my ATC CD2 preamp coax digital input

Try Roon on Windows first

Hiface 2 needs drivers for windows, but it’s a UAC2 device, so not for Mac/Linux. See

Do you mean plug the M2 into a PC running Roon to see if it sees it as an end point? I am currently running Roon on an Innuos Zenith MK3, which does see it but categorizes it as an unmown device. Playback is not problem, DSP works as well.

The object of the exercise is to replace the Innuos, with a NUC or a Roon Nucleus. I just wanted to make sure it was a going concern without wasting lots of money

Thanks for that. The Innuos it is connected to sees it but characterised as an unknown device. Replay is fine though.

Unknown device is not a problem as long as playback is fine.

With a NUC10 (avoid NUC11) or below you may install ROCK to see whether it’s truly compatible, as I don’t have a whole lot of confidence with Linux compatibility for old designs despite their specs.

Does it have to be NUC, can you install on a Custom PC?

Some custom PC may work, some don’t. It’s a matter of whether the hardware happens to be supported by ROCK drivers. Check out the MOCK thread if necessary. If you’re buying something anyway, just buy a NUC8i7 or i5 or NUC10i7 or i5.

Thanks for that. Intel NUC are in short supply, plenty 2nd hand on E bay, though not sure if 2nd hand is a good idea

A dedicated RoonServer can be built with Windows, or MacOS, or Linux. RoonOS being a locked down system means you cannot load anything else onto it. This has both pros and cons, imho. For example, if you need to load drivers, then you have to use an OS which will allow you to load those drivers.

Sorry to be “that guy” who suggests completely different solutions… :wink:
Seriously though, you will likely enjoy a Raspberry Pi with a Digi+ HAT a lot more than the dubious M2 Tech converters. (I have had several versions of them and they all stop working whenever the host OS become upgraded, or at least it feels like that.)
Along with a decent Intel NUC running Roon ROCK elsewhere on your network you will be able to enjoy both excellent usability and great music and sound quality.

I don’t mind second hand NUCs and have a couple running right now, but of course there will be uncertainty involved.

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I’d hold out for a NUC. They work with Roon regardless of your choice of OS. They can be made silent relatively easily and they will be small and unobtrusive. Pretty much anything else introduces layers of complexity even if that also brings opportunity in the form of additional capacity or benefits like PCIe. If you don’t need those, a NUC gets the job done. As for the Hiface 2, that was my first small form factor USB DAC. Manufacturers have gotten better at making those since but it should work OK powered by a fully specified USB port. My recollection is they draw more power than modern devices and were unsuitable connected into mobile sources that couldn’t deliver that sort of power.

This actually explains my previous posts. Nowadays if anyone ask me about our compatibility with this brand I’ll just answer no regardless of model.