Build a system for Roon, really need advice, so confusing

Hi guys,

I didn´t get yet how it works,

I already have some components, but still no clue where to begin.

My system:

  1. Synology NAS, model DS213 and DS415Play, for media storage.
  2. nVidia Shield TV Pro 2017, can use that as what ?
  3. Receiver Marantz SR6011, can use that as what ? Player, amp, DAC, endpoint ?
  4. iPad Air 2, for Remote.

To have a Roon Server running, i can use a Macmini (i5, 4Gb Ram), or a HTPC (i3, 8Gb Ram), wich one is recommend? I would like to use the Macmini or the NAS if it is capable of to run.

As a second option, i also have a Cambridge 851W, 2ch/200w power, but i need to buy an external DAC or network player with DAC, don´t know what is best in this cenario. Wish to use 851N Network player / DAC or Marantz 8005 network player / DAC.

Still, doesn´t clear what i need, and the terms of Roon Core, Roon Server, RoonOS, Roon Endpoint, Roon Remote, Roon Bridge…so confusing and so many things.


Reading this would be a good starting point

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neither of the 2 NAS can run the CORE (Roon Server) effectively limiting you to the Mini or HTPC, either would do, but can you identify if either have SSD as opposed to HDD boot drives?

remote can run on the iPad so thats fine.

Roon as a CORE has a GUI, Roon Server as a CORE does not. One or the other are needed to be running on capable hardware.

If you can upgrade the mini to 8GB ram that would be better but perhaps not critical if all it is doing is running roon server (headless) i.e. no GUI. Though you can also run Roon on it as a remote when needed.

Roon bridge is a way to connect a DAC as an endpoint via LAN.

Personally I would keep everything where the music is streaming from or to LAN based i.e. non wifi. Remotes are fine on Wifi.

Hope that helps a bit

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