Building a NUC/ROCK

Can you recommend parts i need to make a NUC - also is it very technical to configure - what’s the operating system of the NUC - i guess the Roon Core - Roon Core operating system - will that let me use the NUC as a external hard drive / storage device so i can share also with Sonos - or find my NUC for a cloud backup storage?

Hey Danny - ok i’m going to go the NUC route - can you recommend the pieces i need to order - i figure i can put it together ( ihope) but after that is loading ROCK and configuring complicated a nightmare - just preparing my self :slight_smile:

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The link above has what you need to know, links at the bottom of the page with everything else you need to know about Rock install, etc.

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Just replace NUC6 with NUC8, and the ram with 2400 DDR4 :wink:

Hey Guys - Here’s what i was going to get to build my NUC - i want to store music internally on SSD 2TB - does this sound good to go? BTW how do i put all this together, where will the instructions be? With the Nucleus can i add a 2TB card if i’m going to get some kind of support - i have a feeling putting a nuc will be a nightmare if you are not a technical person - upgrade bios, this doesn’t work with that download this - without support i think it could go on and on - what do you think? Another opition is to buy the Nucleus - and i have a spinning disk 2TB dual drive RAID QNAP that has my music now - would that work well? Ultimately i’d like say nucleus with 2TB internal storage SSD as listed below. Everyone say’s i’ll save money if i build my own nuc but saving $500 in exchange for a dozen hours of head ache may not be a win.

Kingston Technology ValueRAM 8GB 2400Mhz DDR4 Non-ECC CL17 SODIMM 1Rx8 (KVR24S17S8/8)

Watch this video. It’s not very complicated.

Watch the video @andybob posted - it isn’t dozens of hours.

And if you’re not buying 2nd hand, you should probably get a NUC8i7 at this point. Unless you want absolute silence and are putting everything into a passive case like the Akasa, you also probably don’t really need that expensive 2TB ssd for storage - a cheap 2,5" spinny drive will do just fine.

Consider NUC8i7BEH. For the M.2 SSD for Roon database you can use a 250GB or even less - I’d put the money into a brand that’s more proven by other forum members here.