Building A Roon Hqplayer Server

Have a chance to pick up a Intel I 7 5820K processor.Is this a good choice or is it overkill ?

It depends on what you want HQP to do.

If you only ever want to upsample Redbook to 192k PCM using a 2s filter then you don’t need a 6 core 12 thread i7.

If you want to upsample Redbook to 512 DSD using a closed form filter and simultaneously apply room EQ using the HQP convolution engine then this CPU has the grunt to do that. HQP can increase the parallelisation of the PCM to SDM conversion to take advantage of all those cores (pipeline SDM). Also I understand the number of taps in closed form can dynamically expand to fit computing capacity.

What I can’t tell you is whether those things will make an audible difference compared to a less expensive alternative. Thermal/power footprint may also be a consideration. I would be inclined to put this server in another room connected by Ethernet to a switch/router and NAA.

If you can pick this up for no more than a four core and it doesn’t blow out your motherboard, power or fan constraints then I would go for it because I definitely want to experiment with room EQ. Just don’t post any pix or I may be consumed with envy :worried:.

Thanks for the info.Using a Mac Mini right now to upsample everything to Dsd 128.Like to build a PC to upsample to Dsd 256.Mac mini using poly sinc -2s to achieve DSD 128 but I have to crank the fans up to 5500 rpm do keep the temp to 75 Celsius and below.I have a feeling taxing the mini this hard it will have a short live span.