Buying a Nucleus+

I have decided to phurcase a nucless+ server. I have a MSB discrete DAC with a Ethernet streemer module (with roon ready).
I am also debating if I need to phurcase a linear power supply in to replace the switched supply.
But, is this needed. Without having the knowledge my selfe I have tried to read up on this and it seems to me a lot of people saying that when you have a high end dac like this and not running on the USB but on the ethernet, a linear power do not really do anything for you.
I have today another dedicated roon server/player that do have a internal linear supply. But I am not able to hear that big difference when switching between my mac mini and this player on the sound.
I have a zenith mk2 today.

Linear power supplies are often over rated, and not all smpsu’s are crap. Get the nucleus, enjoy it, then decide if it warrants a new lpsu. A lpsu would possibly make more of an audible difference on a Dac.

As it sounds like you’ll be connecting the Nucleus+ via Ethernet, no, don’t waste your money on a LPSU.

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Totally agree. Have had a Nucleus since last June and thoroughly enjoying the experience. Don’t get hung up about trying to reach musical nirvana as all formats sound good to me. Listen to the music not the components.

Thanks for replying…

Another question to you that have this unit.

For the smaller model (no pluss). I have today a zenith MK2 but there browser experience are so slow that I can’t use it. On my Mac this is instantly browsing. Do the smaller model here browse instant when you browse artist’s, album’s and so on or will the pluss modell be a safer vet with regards to this?

Do not use any zone or DSP functionality…

Look at the specifications table on this page, and ask yourself “How big is my library?”. Your answer should enable you to choose between the two Nucleus models.

Don’t forget that your “Library” means both albums stored as local files and albums added from TIDAL/Qobuz streaming services.

I had a Zenith mini before and went strait for Roon plus to ensure future as well, it works as fast as my Ipad can run.