Calling the Roon Dutch Community

The eldest of the 3 sloop offspring is in the Netherlands - Maastricht doing a masters. The youngest is in Freiburg on an Erasmus year. So we are taking off on early November to visit both.

So I’m looking primarily for a nice place to stay whilst in Maastricht. Our daughter lives near the border with Belgium (on the Belgium side as far as I understand it).

We’ll probably be there 3-4 days so also if there are things to do that one should definitely do whilst in the area please enlighten me.

A nice restaurant recommendation or 2 would be helpful with good vegetarian fare for our daughter (I don’t mind a bit of meat however!)

(and whilst we were in Freiburg 3 years ago we are open to hotel suggestions there also if any of the German Roon contingent are still reading…)



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kruisherenhotel, it is an old church in the center of Maastricht.

Have fun, a lovely place it is!

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