Cambridge Audio 851N Roon Ready

Maybe you should consider using the Digital CoAx output (or try both…)

The use manual states this about the digital inputs, but is is possibly also relevant for the digital outputs:

TOSLINK optical sockets.
D2/D4 TOSLINK Optical – Use a high quality TOSLINK fibre optic interconnect cable
designed specifically for audio use. This input is suitable for 16-24 bit content up to
192kHz (using high quality TOSLINK optical cable).

Note: Although TOSLINK connections on the 851N work up to 192kHz with high
quality cables, TOSLINK is not usually recommended with sampling rates above

D1/D3 Coaxial – Use a high quality 75 ohm digital RCA Phono interconnect cable.
This input is suitable for 16-24 bit content up to 192kHz.

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As a new roon user just a quick question. Is it worth getting the azur 851 when you don’t actually need it’s streaming capabilities? i.e Roon is doing all the streaming for you? It even sounds good out of my Sky Q Box (don’t laugh) The only reason then to put Roon through the Azur is its Dacs? Is there a standalone DAC (non streaming) that does a better job for the price or for the price just get the Azur?

I sold my 851 a few days ago and I will not have a dedicated streamer ever again. Currently I use Ropieee as a Roon endpoint and connect a stand alone DAC via USB. Only disadvantage is that I do have to use a passive volume control. Maybe I spring for the RME ADI 2 FS DAC this year and have a top notch digital volume control.

I upgraded to the 851 a couple of years ago and never looked back.I always had Roon on a Mac mini usb to the 851.I now have a 8i5 nuc in an Akasa Turing case running rock and 4tb evo ssd inside.It’s ultra
fast and sounds much better than the Mac mini.

It is up to your own ears. In my search to an affordable streamer I ended up with an 851N.
Because of the used DACs inside. IMHO the best sound quality - to me.

But the BEST performance and sound update is get rid of UTP, WiFi, boosters etc… go for a fiber optic connection between the whatever source and you streamer! I bet even with a hifiberry with an Kali relocker and Piano 2.1 the sound is better than using wireless USB or BT. Using fiber between a Roon Core and endpoint only THAN you hear the sound stage and quality of the system! At least in my case