Cambridge Audio 851N Roon Ready

Hello all, this morning I woke up and guess what… those awesome guys and girls at CambridgeAudio made it happen finally the 851 network player has a ROON ready integration - despite the message not certified ROON - the Stream magic UI smoothly Displays the album and conversions by ROON RAAT Big thank you ROON / CambridgeAudio

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Never thought that would happen but if it has, kudos to CA.

Yessss it is AWESOME works like a charme - immediate removed ROON endpoint (mac mini optical 96/24) sound staging And sound quality are perfect to me. My DSD archive now comes back to life :slight_smile:

Well it did take some pushing, when I asked them only 4 weeks ago, they told me there were no plans for the 851N to support Roon, but that this might change if there was a demand…

See Cambridge Audio Edge NQ is now Roon Ready!

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It actually happened a couple of weeks back (28 Feb 20) , they added Roon to CXN V2, 851N , Edge already had it

I am not sure but I suspect the CA61 and CA81 amps as well , has anybody got one ?

But sadly not the CXN V1, guess what I have :roll_eyes:

I wonder why the information about the latest firmware update nor the product tech specs list does not mention it as does for the CXN V2 and for the EDGE NQ :thinking:

Because it is Beta test, not production release. It is not yet Roon certified. You only get it it you are an early Firmware taker. No doubt when it is fully developed, tested and certified, the production release will go out automatically to all 851Ns and the release notes for that release will contain the full information.

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Is it a guess or is it from an official source as the Roon Readiness was advertised for the CXN V2 and for the EDGE NQ months ago?

Do not get me wrong, we are looking for a Roon Ready streamer and will be happy with one more option of course…

It is a fact. It is Beta Firmware for the 851N - but it works great. Full release will come after full Roon Certification.

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Meanwhile I found the info in the EDGE NQ thread and checked the Early Updates information too.

So, another streamer to consider!

I can confirm. I am an early adopter on the 851n and it is working beautifully with Roon now.

Thanks for reporting. Very happy 851N user here and now new to Roon. Working perfectly!

It didn’t happen a few weeks back :sweat_smile: CXNv2 and Edge NQ got the update a few weeks back.

Then 851N went out to early updates and now today it has gone out to everyone. :+1:

I was seeing the CXN 2 announcement, as I have CXN 1 , missed the 851 beta thing

Sorry but you’re there now

Hi, I wonder if I can hijack this thread to ask a silly question.

I’m interesting in buying an 851N.

Can I use the 851N with an outboard DAC?

I have a Chord Hugo 2 DAC. My amp is an Arcam SA30. Currently the Hugo 2 is connected from its analogue out sockets to analogue in sockets on the SA30 using two RCA connection cables. Would it just be a case of additionally running a Coaxial or Toslink cable from the digital out of the 851N to the analogue in of the Hugo 2 DAC to get all three components connected properly?


CA Azure 851N has it’s own inbuilt DAC, but sure you can do what you ask, but why? The 851N has 2 Digital outputs. The 851N digital outputs enable a separate DAC (digital to analogue converter)
or digital recording device to be connected. Refer to the ‘Operating instructions’ section of the User Guide for more information:

Two concurrent digital outputs are available. Note that these outputs pass through
the currently selected audio source unprocessed, i.e. no volume control or upsampling
is performed on the digital output:

Coaxial – To obtain best results, use a high quality 75 ohm digital RCA interconnect cable (not one designed for normal audio use).

TOSLINK Optical – Use a high quality Toslink fibre optic interconnect cable designed specifically for audio use.

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Thanks for detailed reply.

I’m currently running without my outboard Dac , sounds great. Once I get used to the characteristics of the sound I will hook it up to my Hugo 2 DAC and compare and contrast. Will use Toslink.

I regret selling my 851N a year or two ago. Wanted something Roon ready. Should have waited :frowning_face: