Cambridge Audio DacMagic200M native dsd?

Hello all,
Running NUC ROCK to Ropieee to CA DM200m.

CA DM200M says it has native dsd, but ‘Native’ option isn’t available in Roon Device Setup. So chose DoP. Is that correct?

The Ropieee and ROCK both run Linux. Linux, like Mac OS, usually does DoP. The specific kernel needs to be patched for each device type. I would send a message to Ropieee and ask if they have or can modify the kernel to support the DacMagic.

Otherwise, use a Windows endpoint instead, so that you can run the ASIO audio drivers. There are many little PCs that are great as endpoints, just load RoonBridge and the ASIO driver. Come preloaded with Windows for ~160 usd.