Cambridge CXN V2 Firmware Image download is not completing

My name is Frederick, My Roon Core is an Dell Intel PC. The hard drive is 4TB with only about half used.

I also have a Cambridge CXN V2 streamer that I’m operating my home system through. It also acts as my main endpoint for my Roon.

The Cambridge is connected to my PC via a CAT6 ethernet cable. The heart of my home system is a Rotel RA1572 MKII integrated ap.

The issue I have is that recently I’ve found my Cambridge to be locked at the download image stage each morning. The % may vary, today it was at 51%. This locks up my Cambridge and the power must be disconnected to restore Roon.

At this point, none of my controls on my Cambridge will work, all is locked at the Imaging download screen. After I’ve disconnected and plugged the Cambridge back in, when it comes back up the network checks out as good, and I get a firmware update screen of Yes/No.

If I answer No my Roon comes back up to it’s home screen and everything works fine.

If I answer Yes, the first thing it does is the firmware download which goes fine, then it goes to the imaging and it’s there that it will lock up and I have to disconnect. This just started happening recently.

Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks Frederick

If I’m understanding correctly, the problem is that the CXN v2 is attempting to download (and install?) a firmware update while in network standby overnight, and failing?

Is the CXN v2 connected to your router, or to your pc?

That’s correct Andy. Yes my CXN is connected to my router directly. Could it be the router? I recently updated the modem with my carrier and I’m told there is also an upgraded router available (the one I have is about 4-5 years old). I just haven’t done that yet. Plus, not being that PC literate, is there a way to connect my ethernet directly to my PC and would that be a more recommended way to connect?

Both pc and CXN should be connected to your router. It was your post that said ‘CXN connected to pc with cat6’ that confused me. I wanted to be sure you weren’t doing some odd networking using the pc as a bridge. :wink:

It’s possible the new modem has upset something, but it seems unlikely if everything else is working ok - unless the update was ok before and only started failing immediately after the new modem.

I think what I’d do at this point is initiate an update from the CXN menu, and watch the progress on the screen. It might work, but if not you might see some more helpful diagnostics pop up.

Failing that, there’s the traditional ‘turn it off and turn it on again’ cycle - unplug everything (if it won’t bring too many complaints from the household) from the mains, make a cup of tea, then power everything back up in sequence, starting with the modem and router.

Hello Andy, Thanks for your time. Cambridge has their own app which I don’t use, it’s called Stream Magic. As a go between I use my apple ipad as a remote with the Roon app, just easier to see. When I turn on my CXN, the first thing that pops up is their Stream Magic Log. When I went to my my Cambridge page, they talked about the recent upgrades they’ve made to their own app and to be sure the most current one is always in use. I went ahead and downloaded the SM app to both my phone and ipad even though I don’t use it. After doing so, i tried my firmware upgrade again and it failed again in the image download. Not know what else to do I double checked the ethernet connection going into the CXN. There was a little bit of wiggle room, not much but I snugged it up. When I tried the the upgrade this time it went through 100%!! I thank you for you time, and I’m sorry to sound ignorant but in my defense…I’m old at 70 years LOL. But hey I still love my music and my Roon! God Bless the families of Jeff Beck and David Crosby! Frederick

PS With the age of my router, again about 5 years old, would you recommend me replacing it? Thanks again, Frederick

You don’t often get a partially-working ethernet connection - well done finding it. Makes a change from flaky WiFi anyway!

I’m glad it’s working now. Have fun!

If they’re offering you a free router, I’d say take it. It’s unlikely to be worse, and will likely support newer/smarter technology.

Thanks Again!

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