Cambridge CXN v2 is now Roon Ready

Surprise :grin:


Is that using RAAT or another compliant format?

RAAT. It appears to be fully RoonReady.

If only I needed a streamer… :wink:

Is it just the V2, or did the V1 get it too?

I don’t know. I have a v2.

Looks like it’s only the V2.

Yes V2 only , it’s in the release notes

My V1 isn’t showing it

They kept it quiet :roll_eyes:

From what I understand the V1 has a slower processor and so can’t be updated.

I contacted Cambridge Audio Support the reply was


"There are no current plans for the CXN v1 to become Roon ready.

I understand from our engineering team that there are technical impediments to this. "

As @Martin_Hillary suggests that may be the technical impediment

RPi still has a place !!

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