Cambridge CXNv2 Volume Control through Control Bus


I just bought a cambridge cxnv2 in combination with the cxa81 amplifier. The CXN has the possibility to control the amps volume through the control bus. Would it be possible for roon to control the volume this way too? I’d like to request an optional feature for this.

Have you hooked it up yet?
If it is RoonReady and CXN offers that ability through Roon controls, you may be able to do it.
Typically you’d find this under: Settings>Audio>CXNV2>Device Setup>Volume Control.
On my MSB DAC, which is RoonReady, I’m able to directly control the DAC volume control via Roon. Before it was RoonReady I couldn’t do that.

I don’t think this is something Roon controls. Either Cambridge designed it into their controls or they didn’t.

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I had the CxN V2 and it has like the Azure 851 a pre-amp setting. With that you control volume directly on the Roon ready CXN v2 using the Roon remote like an iPhone etc.

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Yes its possible to control CXN volume from Roon, I have mine set up to do this

You need to goto the Devices settings by selecting the Zone and then the Volume Icon


and select Device Volume

I am not linking by the Control Bus to another amp but once in the CXN there should be no issue

You may have to go into the actual CXN Settings and put the “box” into Preamp Mode, that’s all in the main screen settings on the actual CXN

Thanks for the answers guys, but sadly these do not solve my issue and I already knew this.

If the CXNv2 is in preamp mode, I lose the ability to control the intergrated amp’s volume through the control bus. But Roon only allows volume control on the CXN with this mode enabled.

Even with preamp mode off and volume control in roon set to “device” the volume controls are not enabled.

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Having read the manual, I think you are going to be unlucky, why not set the CXN at 50% , choose a reasonable volume on the amp then control overall output in pre amp mode

Not ideal but it will do the job. I feed my CXN to a sound bar and do just this , negates the Control Bus but you have control from the Roon app

You could ask CA support, they are usually very helpful

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Did exactly this, it´s not as elegant as it could be, but it does the job.

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