Can a local server stream FLAC to Roon?

(Andre Wasniewski) #42

Nice work, thank you
I just want to make sure I understand: if I have any player with the output to alsa device 1, the output will be sent to icecast and can be played through Roon?
Is there an equivalent solution for Windows? Can it be used to, for example, stream from JRiver or IDAGIO to Roon?

(Johan N) #43

You should be able to capture ALSA output too but think the syntax in liquidsoap is different.
AFAIK, there are multiple options that can do this in Windows, including liquidsoap.
Those would work with JRiver, etc. too. However, why not just install Roon instead?

(Andre Wasniewski) #44

Thank you, I have Roon core running on Windows, what I wanted to do is to be able to stream external player like IDAGIO, that for some reason does not support any other output but system output, to Roon Ready devices - Bryston BDP-2 in particular. I though I could use it as a source to liquidsoap but did not find the way to do it.


Hi @qdtjni
did you have a chance to try this with the Pisound HAT? ADC seems to work at 24bit and 48, 96 and 192kHz. Darkice and icecast is mentioned to work ‘out of the box’. It’s cheap too so would match a pi nicely. Single ended line level inputs means that one needs line level sources, but many have asked for that…

(Johan N) #46

Was I supposed to? :slight_smile:


No, of course not! I just wondered if you’d happened to try it :slight_smile:

(Johan N) #48

I thought I was going senile :smiley:
Looks interesting, hopefully I can try it during the xmas holiday.

(Wim) #49

It does not seem to be too difficult to set up.


I guess the question will be if lossless 24bit works? And 96 or 192kHz?

(Harry ten Berge) #51

this is actually really cool… maybe this should be integrated into RoPieee so it becomes very easy to setup…

(Henry) #52

The Roon bit is the easy bit!

(Harry ten Berge) #53

I meant RoPieee of course. Typo :slight_smile:


@spockfish, that would be terrific! And then, when the “input device” is introduced in Roon, RoPieee could be one of the first to deliver it! I already have a Pi in a drawer. Maybe this is what I’ll be using it for…

(Reader of the Internets) #55

This device wouldn’t have any Roon software on it, would it? Dedicated to streaming internet radio, right? So perhaps StPieee.


Pisound has a DAC too so I think RoPieee will be fine for both.

(Harry ten Berge) #57

I’ve got access to both a pisound and a USB ADC.
Ideally this should be ‘auto detect’: if you have such a device it will create a stream based on the input.

(Wim) #58

Hi @spockfish, did you find the time to experiment with the pisound?
I’m just curious. :slightly_smiling_face: