Can a Real-Time SPL Meter Be Added to the Interface?

I was wondering if a small SPL or dB meter utilizing the tablet’s or smartphone’s internal microphone could be added to the Roon interface.

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No feedback at all?

I thought it might be a useful feature. :thinking:

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Okay, here’s my honest feedback. Absolutely no snark intended, just asking. If you want to know what the SPL is, why not use one on your phone instead of having your phone somehow feed back to Roon? I’ve got Decibel X on my phone and it works great.

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To answer your question; I control Roon using my iPad and it would be very convienent to be able to just glance down at its screen and know what the SPL is rather than having to have two devices running in front of me. This feature wouldn’t have to take up much real estate on the screen either, perhaps less than a sq. inch.

Again just trying to understand why would you want to know? To what purpose?

Why can you not use decibel X on your iPad?

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Beat me to it

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This idea doesn’t make sense. Sorry.

Again, for the sake of convenience. Sure, I can and do close my Roon app to access Decibel X and then close it down in order to re-open the Roon app again but it would be handy to be able to see this info on the screen without having to close and then open another app.

Apparently I’m the only one that would use such a feature because I’ve yet to hear anything from the folks at Roon. Oh well…

The Roon team generally does not respond to feature requests. This creates expectations that may or may not be met. It can also shutdown further discussion on the topic. They are monitoring these threads though to see the use case for each feature and assess from that if it is worth devoting valuable developer resources to. See this for more discussion on this.

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I use the AudioTools IOS SPL meter app w/ the Dayton Audio iMM-6 microphone periodically for level matching and to make sure I’m not doing any damage to my hearing. With multitasking in IOS, you can have both on the screen at once.

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Thanks @philr, I didn’t know that you guys don’t respond to those types of requests.

I appreciate the link.

I’m not one of the Roon guys just a user like yourself but one who has spent way too long reading this forum :smiley:

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Oops, of course.

I misread your first post. :grin:

Spl meter via the build in microphone of your phone is nothing more then a gimmick. It has no real value whatsoever because the microphone undergoes a whole lot of filtering and dynamic dsp processing wich is very usefull for speech recognition in windy or noisy envionments but not for audio measurements. Besides that these processes differ a lot from manufacturer to manufacturer and even the tolerance between device is way too high for any serieus use. Your measurements are most likely 3db to 10db offdepending on the level and only of limited bandwith. In other words, nothing more then a gimmick.