A Question about Feature Requests

Basically, how should readers of these requests behave? Does favoriting or +1ing or opining make any difference in the selection of improvements? Conversely, does an idea with zero comments receive lesser consideration?

Also, for prior submissions going back since the last release: is any point to ‘reminder’ posts? Is there any way to know if one’s idea is alive?

While I read most requests, I seldom comment, and I never deliberately repeat a request. But I’ll start if it matters to their eventual selection.

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If you have an idea or suggestion, we read it. +1’s are ignored. Following up on feature request with new ideas or insight into use cases is really helpful, but just agreeing with no additional information or ideas is useless.

Reminder posts are just ignored, but if you’d like to bump up a feature request and actually get us to read it, give us a reason like additional use cases or insight into why we might want to implement the feature.

I don’t understand. I thought that the point of starting a feature request was to determine how popular the request was amongst the community. I may well agree entirely with the OP and have nothing material to add, but nevertheless want to add weight to the suggestion.
You’re saying my straightforward agreement has no value? Or have i misunderstood?

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can’t win for losing, danny :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick response. It synced well with my sense of things.

Basing popularity on the small number of Roon members who visit this community site, and even fewer number that post on feature requests would be silly. There are just too many unrepresented people.

However, hearing about use cases, problems, suggestions, and alternatives/workarounds is a great way for us to understand the issues out there. We can use that understanding to decide how to build the future Roon feature set.

We want to hear your voice, but in a meaningful way. A straightforward agreement is not very meaningful. Give us something with substance. A hundred “+1” posts aren’t very meaningful in the context of 50k+ Roon members, but substantive descriptions of ideas/use cases/insights/workarounds/alternatives get us thinking.

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Great, clear guidance. Thanks

OK, I’ll try.
Nevertheless, I still feel that adding a supporting vote to an idea must be better than “useless”.

Anyway, the fact that ROON royalty are so willing to discuss issues with members alleviates my concerns no end.

It is to me. :grin:

If Feature Request A gets 100 +1s and Request B gets 1 +1, that’s got to be information worth something, doesn’t it?

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It’s worth something if the Roon Community is a representative sample of the Roon installed base.

What’s really worth something to Roon is what are you trying to do and why you want that feature. Many times people simply say they want x feature because y software has it. However if you explain what you are trying to do and why you want it that helps the Roon team to really work out the best way to do it and they will often come up with something that is even better.

This helps Roon be “more than” and not just “me too”. This is why “here is what I am trying to do and why” or of “use case” in Danny’s language is much better than just give me this.


Not really. If that was the case, Roon would have folder browsing, upnp support, wake on lan built-in, and iso file support.

We don’t consider features based on popularaity from a single channel of votes (community). Ideas are far more important.

Once again, ideas and use cases jog our minds. Popularaity does not. You can debate this if you’d like, but I’m telling you how we discuss features on the team.

When we did the playlist revamp of 1.3, we went over every use case we read, and every feature request related to playlists was considered. We tried to meet all the cases that made sense to make a coherent product. We ignored the +1’s because they are just noise.


Part of me thinks “great, Roon is being led, and by people who have visions but are open to better ways.” And part of me thinks “hold on, if your customers keep asking for something multiple times, perhaps they have a point. Ultimately, they pay your wages.”

Keep being guided by the first thought, but don’t lose sight of the second.

Out of interest, what other avenues do you use for obtaining feedback and proposals for your product?


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And we do listen to them, but they have to ask w/ constructive feedback. If someone wants their voice heard, I think it’s fair that we ask for a rational well thought out idea.

You guys are reading too much into the “+1 are ignored”. We have a lot to do, and if you want our attention, give us something good to be inspired. Otherwise, just enjoy the ride as we build the next release. If you don’t like where we are going, vote with your dollars. We make it super easy to tell us why you are ending your Roon membership.

Emails, cancelation feedback, trade shows, hundreds of hifi/custominstall dealers, dinners, drinks, etc… We also read other dozens of other forums out there, in multiple languages.


A fair reply, thank you.

Oh, I am.

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+1 hehehehehe it’s a great ride.


The only suggestion I have is to have same UI for all devices
For example iPhone has a feature “recent” which I don’t find on iPad
Otherwise Roon is absolutely fantastic
I am sure you guys will come up with exciting stuff