insert the genre column


How do I insert the genre column in the library - track?

Note: I use the genres of my music file tags.


I think you are referring to the ID3 tag for Genre? The thing is that, currently, Roon only uses Genres at the Album level, not at the Track level; so there is no way to insert a genre column for tracks in the Track Browser.

Why Roon Labs do not currently use track-level genres is discussed in this thread:

There’s also a Feature Request thread for support of track-level genres:

If this is important to you, please add your voice to this thread.

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Yes, it would be important to be able to see genres for individual tracks.

For example, one could obtain indexing by genres in the track.


Apparently there is no value in just “adding your voice” to a feature request thread…

That’s not what Danny said, it’s the added value / insight that adds weight to a request, a +1 shows popularity but in a limited scope of this online user base.

Actually, he said a +1 is “ignored” and “useless.” His exact words.

What I interpret this to mean is that Roon welcomes and appreciates feature IDEAS, but the POPULARITY of an idea or feature request doesn’t matter at all to them.

Yes, popularity on the Feature Request thread isn’t used to determine popularity among users generally. Danny expanded further on his comments, along the lines you interpreted, later in the linked thread as follows:

We want to hear your voice, but in a meaningful way. A straightforward agreement is not very meaningful. Give us something with substance. A hundred “+1” posts aren’t very meaningful in the context of 50k+ Roon members, but substantive descriptions of ideas/use cases/insights/workarounds/alternatives get us thinking.

I have to confess to “hearting” Feature Request posts if I like the idea. Apart from talking to the devs a Feature Request is also a conversation with other users. Gotta spend those hearts somehow !

Edit: Also 50k+ users !