Track Based Genres

It would be nice to see genres for individual tracks instead of albums.

I play by genre mostly, and some albums have songs of different genres/styles, so it’s not all that great when a completely unrelated song is played lol!


I would love this as well!! I requested this over a year ago, but haven’t seen it happen yet. :frowning:

Like you, I play by genre a lot and am frustrated when an unrelated song plays just because it’s on the same album that has other tracks with the genre I selected.

Come on Roon folks, please give us this option! :pray:

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Please let me join the line for the request to have track based genre playback.

It is rather strange that when I wanna have the jazz genre playback and then suddenly an electronic dance music pops out from a compilation album.

And for all the music server/player (LMS, Foobar2000, Auralic Lightning DS…) that I tried, Roon is the only one that apply genre only on the album level. Please really rectify this as this is the only major issue I have with Roon which is otherwise a very nice experience. Thanks!

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I’m still holding out hope we’ll eventually get this.

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I hope so~~but seems like there is no noise about this except this post?

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I’ve posted a request before in the past year or so. I’m surprised more haven’t requested this. :frowning:

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Totally agree and have wished for this feature ever since I got Roon. Genre listening is no use to me since all my songs are categorized on a per song basis and what’s the use of listing to Reggae genre and having Frank Sinatra play?? Please Roon…fix this…

+1 from me too

This has my high vote also. I have 65K tracks with track level genre assigned that can’t be taken advantage of in Roon. It’s really important IMHO to get this right.

Track based genres is just one representation of custom file embedded metadata that Roon does not currently support. There are plenty of others and I think if the Roon team saw the disparate feature requests as a related topic, we might get some traction.

For example, this idea would allow the use of Roon tags to solve the issue:

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I also considered using Tags, but I haven’t found a way to view the embedded genre of a track. So I’ve to remember the genre or have to listen to every track. But even with success it wouldn’t fix the useless Genre handling of Roon. There are a lot of popular albums which contain some tracks in a different genre. Think of the ballads on Metal albums or Alternative bands with some experimental electronica stuff.

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+1. This shouldn’t be under “Feature Requests.” This should be under “Things we are embarrassed to admit weren’t included in version 1.0”


For me this feature request is the most important one of all. When I found out that Roon handles genres only on an album level I was confused and disappointed.

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+1. Track-based genres are extremely important to me. Please include this in your next update. Thanks so much.

Renewing my request for this feature!

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Totally agree with all previous posters.

+1 - Being able to add genres to individual tracks would be great!

+1 - Had no idea this was an issue, until recently playing my Christmas genre and having non-Christmas songs play (since Roon tags the entire album as Christmas if there is, say, 1 track on the album with the Christmas genre tag). Need this!

Since the question pops up now and again here’s a cross reference to what to expect in this regard:

Especially this (emphasized by me):

I still haven’t found a way to deal with (or get used to) this particular design decision. It affects the classical part of my collection the most since it’s quite common to mix different sub genres on a classical album, even more so when it’s a box set focussing on a composer. In the latter case the way Roon handles genres becomes quite useless. Only the top level genre is what’s left to play with.

If Roon would let the user import a ROONTRACKTAG (or whatever this Roon custom tag would be called) there’d be at least a way to copy over track level genre assignments to Roon track level tags. Since Roon doesn’t show genres on track level it’s impossible to do something inside of Roon to somehow get around this design choice - or in certain use cases: limitation.

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Agreed! I never use the Focus filter or browse my music by genre because of this, as it gives me too broad results, including tracks that don’t belong. Shame really!

Currently the only way forward seems to be to tag everything manually, but tags are also lacking in functionality (no nested tags or possibility to use AND operators) so not sure the time invested would be worth it.