How to edit the genre of a single Track?

I know how to edit genres of an album, but I can’t find how to edit the genre of a single track. There’s now field In the metadata editor of a track. Or is Roon not be able to handle albums with multiple genres?

Genre is an album level tag not a track level tag.

Oh, that’s really bad. That explains why the Focus feature does not work well with genres, I thought I did something wrong. So Roon users shouldn’t buy compilations or from artists with a broad range of styles? :wink:


There’s been a Feature Request for this for a long time now, so the Roon team are at least aware of the request.


Thanks, I haven’t found that topic.

That is an interesting point. How does Roon handle genres in compilations?

Just like any other album, I’d imagine. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the “How did I get here?” issues didn’t stem from Soundtracks, where RB, Rock, Punk, House, Classical, and Stage and Screen could all co-exist as genres on the same album.

It will show all the genres on an album. So Roon is reading the track genres, but will not play using track level genres. :frowning:

I agree with Tekl, this is really bad. Not only does it hobble the genre browser, it makes genre-based focus near useless. For a product that is marketed based on the richness of its metadata, this is embarrassing.

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As is, playing by Genre is pretty useless. Considering other “lesser” programs I’ve used (and didn’t require a paid subscription) can play by Genre using track level Genre tags, I don’t understand why Roon doesn’t offer this.

I wish we had some hint whether or not the Roon folks are even considering fixing this.

Genres are something of a can of worms, it would seem. See this recent post for some of the background:

Album art falls into this same category. You edit the album art for an album, but cannot edit an individual song’s album art.