Can a speaker be in multiple zones?

I have two Sonos speakers, one in my living room and one in my kitchen. I’ve enabled them both and when I play music I can pick either as output. I sometimes want to use them both as output and this is possible if I create a new zone that combines them. However, when I create this new single zone the two zones for the individual speakers disappear. Is there a way to have 3 zones from which I can select: one for my living room speaker, one for the kitchen speaker, and one that combines the two?

You can use group zones to play the same music to each simultaneously.

Click the zone icon, and the :chains: Group icon.

This only works for zones of the same types, i.e., you may group Sonos, but not Sonos with RAAT.

Thanks, but that’s not what I wanted. The problem is that when I group the zones the individual zones disappear. I want to be able to select either the individual speaker zones or the grouped zones without having to constantly group and ungroup them.

There is a Feature Suggestions for Save Grouped Zones that appears to be what you want.


To use the individual zones, you’ll need to ungroup. This is how Roon works.

You’re welcome to search #feedback:feature-suggestions for a similar request, or submit your own.

Thanks for finding that. I just added my vote to that feature request that’s over 6 years old and now has 108 votes.

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