Can ARC device play to Roon-Ready devices in endpoint's wifi LAN?

I have roon-ready naim at my forest retreat… so the question.

No, ARC can only playback on the smartphone itself. It cannot playback to Roon endpoints. A better solution would be to have a second Roon Core at your retreat. You can easily transfer your Roon license between the two cores when you travel between the residences. Or, you could simply transport your existing Roon Core between the two residences :slight_smile:

Another possibility is to connect your phone directly to the Naim. For example, you can use a lighting to USB adapter to connect an iPhone to any USB DAC. But of course, your phone will be tethered.

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You can use AirPlay to play to it they just added iOS audio control to the now playing screen to save you doing it from elsewhere or system Chromecast works on some phones for It. I imagine at some point they may add this feature if enough ask for it makes perfect sense to include it.


You can do a number of things.
Buy a suitable Android device as a streamer. The last choice will probably give best results. I have a Zidoo Android streamer as a repository for my ripped DVD’s which is Roon Ready but could also work well with ARC. I might give it a try if I can get ARC on it.

so maybe it is feature request then…

it’s a pity but naim muso 2nd USB port is for mass-storage only :frowning: muso haven’t usb dac functionality.

bluetooth is an option which i use, but it is heard as mp3 ~200kbps for sound quality.
tethering cannot be done - coz muso havent’s usb audio input.
hotspot? what you mean by that?
currently I have LTE wifi router w/ naim muso wired connection, and use samsung galaxy tab s6 for control. I can play qobuz/tidal thru native naim app, but cannot play roon library thru ARC other than by bluetooth.

I haven’t tried it yet but you can use mobile devices as means of accessing the network via WiFi. But thinking about it that won’t work for playback via ARC.

The Naim offers AirPlay connectivity. If your mobile device does also, give that a try.

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i have no ios, but is there any solution to cast airplay2 from modern android?

Do you have the latest streamers. Then you can use system Chromecast, just cast your screen and should cast the audio via Chromecast. You don’t need AirPlay 2 it will take old AirPlay and you can get apps for that on Android but whether it would work on ARC dont know as iOS it’s just integrated to iOS Airplay functionality.

What were you using at your forest retreat to play to the Naim?

I am also running iOS and I‘d have another use case for this.

When visiting my kid‘s grandparents or being in my office. Those places aren‘t equipped with high end audio devices or streamers, but they all feature Chromecast Audios or at least speakers with Google Cast.

Being able to stream from iOS to Google Cast is the last link (apart from live radio) missing for me in an otherwise great product (kudos to the roon team for this great software and especially for ARC btw!).

I can see that this might run against roon‘s business logic, but OTOH you can already stream ARC from iOS to Airplay and from Android to Google Cast, so it shouldn‘t be that big of a deal to give more flexibility after all. No need for RAAT…

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4g->wifi->(hires from qobuz/tidal)->naim
[directed by samsung galaxy tab s6 w/naim app]
galaxy->bluetooth->(some humorous mp3-like-sound)->naim
[directed by ARC]

PS muso2nd is my first 0) d-class 1) integrated – and it is UBER-fine in little woodhouse. surely recommended! difference between 16/44 and bluetooth is so definite…

I have seen a picture somewhere, it may have been the ARC site, of a phone with an attached audioquest dac. You could take the audio output from that and feed it into the analogue input of your muso2

This would be a good feature for Chord 2Go/Poly owners, these products support Roon already and have a built in WiFi hotspot mode, if somehow Roon ARC could be setup to use the 2Go/Poly as a Roon endpoint then it would be awesome. This would give access to my core using Roon ARC wherever I am playing back on my Poly/Mojo2 wirelessly.

Can it be done I wonder, please. :slight_smile: