Can I access my music from the SSD, inside my Nucleus without a subscription?

If it wasn’t possible to renew my Roon subscription, ie…Roon go out of business, or they decide to double, or even triple the subscription price, would I be able to access my music which is stored on the 1TB SSD inside my Nucleus? As someone mentioned in a previous post, would my Nucleus become a door stop? :cry:

Here’s a quote of Roon’s COO about what would happen in the unlikely event that Roon would go out of business:

As for your music: RoonOS is Linux at its core, beit highly optimized for running Roon. Your music is shared though SMB – this will continue to be the case even is the Roonserver part is not running.


Worse case scenario, keep your original music files on a USB drive stored in a safe place. Have that drive backed up to a computer, NAS, or another USB drive. Copy those files to a SSD that you installed inside your Nucleus. You’re protected in almost any possible situation with or without Roon or any other service.

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