Can I access Roon library from Squeezebox Touch Screen

Apparently I’ve managed to get Roon and my SBT talking, because I can send music to my SBT using Roon installed on my Apple iPad. That is great! My question is this: is there a way my SBT can see my Roon library so I can select songs from the SBT screen. Here are some key observations:

  1. When I go to “my music” on the SBT, it shows the existence of the Roon Optimized Core Kit library, but when I try to connect, I get the message “We couldn’t connect to Roon Optimized Core Kit. Make sure you computer is turned on and connected to your local network and that Logitech Media Server is currently running”.

  2. When I go to “Server Info” it does provide an address for the Logitech Media Server (192.168…) and it says that the library name is “Roon Optimized Core Kit”

  3. Under the settings for “Squeezebox Server” it says “neither logitech media server nor the scanner are running”, and when I choose to “start logitech media server” it says “Squeezebox Touch detects no attached storage device. Please either attach a USB device or SD card and try again”.

By the way, the software is updated (7.7.3r16676) and I’ve performed a factory reset twice.

I’d really like to be able to use the screen on my SBT to select music.

Thanks in advance, Peter

What device is your Roon core on?

Whoops, sorry. It’s a NUK I7 running ROCK, 8gb memory.

You can’t access your core to control Roon from that screen. Your SBT very much becomes a dumb endpoint when used with Roon. You have to use a remote device.

Thanks for that clarification. All my music is on a Synology NAS drive. It looks to me like I’d be better off installing logitech media center on my NAS, as discussed in this article:

Has anyone here done that?

Also, I have two Bluesound Nodes in my house. The BlueOS is pretty straightforward and good. What is the advantage of running Roon to the Nodes? Is it the digital signal processing, which BlueOS does not have?

I had LMS on a server before I moved first to Moon’s streaming solution and then to Roon. LMS was slow for me but it was an old NAS.

The advantage of Roon is the ability to interact with you music with stable powerful equipment via an excellent interface. There are things Roon does that other solutions don’t but the main thing is this.
With Roon you can play to your BluOS devices and your SBT. With BluOS or LMS you are confined to using only native hardware so you’d be running two systems independently.

Thanks @Henry_McLeod Currently my BlueOS loads songs faster than my Roon (using NUC 8gb, NAS, all ethernet connected to PS Audio Bridge II). Until I figure out the reason for this latency, the BlueOS seems desirable.

With the Bluesound Node, seems like it should be easy to switch between the native OS and Roon. If I remove or disable the Node on my audio setup, the Node should function as usual. Is that true? However, it would be much more intensive to switch the control of the SBT between Roon and LMS on NAS. I’d have to go onto my NAS control and disable LMS, which would be a hassle. Do you concur?

Thanks, Peter

I do concur, but with one caveat. If Roon is slow, that doesn’t seem right and is something that can probably be put right.