Switch On/Off Logitech Players

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After a lot of reading I found this information

Not wieving my Library

That confirms to me that Sq players goes “dumb” under Roon server, so they simply are the endpoint to send music to my audio equipment… All control must be done under compluter or APP into cellphone (my case) but I have also noticed the on/off feature is not working.

I have a Duet (only led colours are revealing so) but Touch is not showing the cover on screen or the V/U meters, which is something I really appreciate, if I am not “touching” the screen. But if I do so, then the Touch is ON after I have used the “off” function in the volume actions available for this specific item/zone on the Roon.

Any idea / help / suggestion?

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Have you read and followed the Squeezebox Setup guide?

thank you for your interest

Yes, I do, and both Sq players are capable to reproduce music, but both does not care about “on” and “off” status sent by Roon.

While I can remember to have read a thread about this problem in the past, I’m unable to find it right now. So you either wait and see if a squeezebox user might show up with an explanation/solution here or you open up a support ticket (create a thread in the support section of the forum) as it seems to me that this is an official feature of Roon that should work.

I made an exhaustive search (or I think so) and I was unable to find it too.

I will try to open this support ticket. It seems should be as easy as 1-2-3 if had been already placed and also an official supported feature.

Many thanks. I will post the answer when got it.

The final setup already working is

  1. turn manually Sq Touch on
  2. set screensaver when pause to Digital Clock (black) remember: this is how I like it as I want to have minimum display and compsumption once playback is not on

And then:

If I manually set to “off” position, the music is playing but no cover shown.

If I manually set to “on” position, I can see the cover while playing and the the previously explained setup about pause screensaver saves my day. I will keep like this :slight_smile:


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